As Fatmericans Cheer, Nuclear Jew Says Palestinians Should Move to Ireland

It just makes you sick, looking at these fat retards in America saying they support Israel genociding Gaza because they are against Islamic immigrants.


The nuclear Jew – who was calling for the Jews to nuke Gaza (weird) also said he wants to transfer the Gazans to Ireland.

He said Ireland, because the Irish support the Palestinians. So he’s saying “oh well, they can have them then.” It’s what you call a “snide remark.”

Some of them will go to Ireland, but they’re going to go everywhere.

How about you just give them their country back, then the Jews figure out somewhere to go?

Irish Central:

An Israeli minister has said that dropping a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip is an option, adding that the Palestinian population should “go to Ireland or the deserts”.

Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu, a member of the extremist Otzma Yehudit party, told Israeli station Radio Kol Berama that dropping an atomic bomb on Gaza “is one of the possibilities”.

Eliyahu called for Israel to retake the Gaza Strip and restore settlements there, adding that displaced Palestinians can go to Ireland.

“They can go to Ireland or deserts, the monsters in Gaza should find a solution by themselves,” Eliyahu told Radio Kol Berama.

This ad is actually kinda funny, but not in the intended way

Eliyahu stated that anyone waving a Palestinian or Hamas flag “shouldn’t continue living on the face of the earth”, adding that the northern Strip has no right to exist.

He also voiced his objection to humanitarian aid entering Gaza, stating that “we wouldn’t hand the Nazis humanitarian aid”.

“There is no such thing as uninvolved civilians in Gaza,” Eliyahu added.


We told you when that faggot with no legs said that shit – it’s an Israeli talking point that no one in Gaza is innocent.

See: Watch: No Legs Faggot Republican Says No One in Palestine is Innocent

Most of the people they are killing are kids. Half the population of Gaza is under 18, and half of them are less than 9 years old.

The Middle East’s only democracy