As US Money Dries Up, Zelensky Fears Coup

The Western media has total control of everything. Zelensky has banned all media in the Ukraine, except his own media, developed by the Americans. Yet they are powerless.

Meanwhile, while controlling no media at all, the Russians are capable of manipulating patriotic, Zelensky-loving democracy Ukrainians into doing a coup?


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told journalists on Thursday that he has received tips about a Russian influence campaign aimed at destabilizing his government, according to a Bloomberg report. He claimed that various intelligence agencies had informed him about the purported operation.

Ukraine’s top leadership has experienced divisions in recent months, with a series of publications in the Western press, based on leaks from Kiev staffers, describing Zelensky as calcified in pursuing an unrealistic goal of pushing Russia out of all territories claimed by Kiev.

His office has also publicly clashed with one of the country’s top generals, Valery Zaluzhny, who said earlier this month that the hostilities had reached a stalemate and that he expected no breakthrough for Kiev.

Bloomberg reported on Friday that Zelensky claims to have received information from Ukrainian and allied intelligence services warning him about a “disinformation plan known internally as ‘Maidan 3’” meant to play on fractures in civil society and foment insurrection.

Maidan means “square” in Ukrainian. Maidan 1 and 2 are the terms for the mass protests that took place in 2004 and 2014, respectively,  primarily in Kiev’s Independence Square. Both were directed against Viktor Yanukovich, the former president whose political support base was in what was then the majority Russian-speaking eastern portion of the country, but which joined Russia in a series of referendums in 2022.

There is the possibility of a real coup against Zelensky and it’s not going to need Russian support.

People are pretty sick of wanting young boys and men to die for no reason other than Zelensky’s insane plan to take back Crimea, which the Ukrainians lived normal lives without for 8 years.

Of course, Zelensky’s insane plans are simply an embodiment of American strategic agendas, and I think this is becoming undeniable, even for those locked in Zelensky’s Skinner Box of total media control.

It’s also possible, however, that the US would prevent a real coup by supporting a moderate coup. I don’t understand how these people think, but that seems like one of the better options here.

The US can then say “oh well, Ukrainian democracy has spoken, so now we’re dealing with this new Ukraine government that is anti-Russian but also is tired of the war, so I guess we’re going to have to go along with their plans.”

Surely, US intelligence is looking for a way out, and this seems like an obvious exit strategy.