Yes, Misery is the Natural State of Man. And That’s Fine.

Being alive on earth be like

The Illness Revelations have been bogged down in various boondoggles for weeks now. We need to return to the Path of Glory. We need to return to my original notes. We have no choice.

I must reestablish the themes. Remember, one of the original themes was that life is supposed to be miserable. That was in the first official article of the Illness Revelations, entitled “Article Title: Addendum to Previous Article or “The First Illness Revelation”.”

Having watched an interview of Jew bastard Rodney Dangerfield recorded months before his death talking about how life was miserable and he couldn’t wait to die, I noted that everyone is miserable, but that Jews experience a special kind of misery as they do not have the hope that comes from faith in Jesus Christ.

Apparently, this claim that “life is always miserable” is somehow controversial, and that even in right-wing circles, people harbor utopianist ideologies.

Someone replied:

Though respectfully, I must disagree. Things are only miserable because the wrong people wield power.

I have a bit to say on this matter.

Respectfully or not, you’re free to disagree and believe whatever gibberish you like, but your claim is factually inaccurate.

  • I’ve lived in China significantly and everyone is miserable, despite the fact that they are following a value system that reflects that of Europe in the Middle Ages.
  • In fact, people in history wrote things down, which you can read. Everyone was miserable.
  • This quest for “happiness” is goofy and childish. With the way chemicals in the brain are regulated, regardless of material circumstances, you’re going to reach some kind of emotional and psychological balance.

I’m a Christian, so I have a bias here. But it’s also very obvious that human suffering is a constant and doesn’t really relate very much to the government, or to any other situational circumstance. Obviously, emotions and psychological states are not objective (hopefully that is obvious). But there were plenty of things to be miserable about historically. Before the modern era, about half of kids would die before they were ten. The idea that the current age is uniquely miserable “because of the government” is deranged self-serving gibberish.

You have all personal writings of philosophers throughout history, including all of the Church Fathers and Saints. There’s the whole Bible. You can go back to Ancient Greece. You’re not going to find anyone writing about how jolly they are.

There are things about modernity that are uniquely bad, there are also a lot of things that are uniquely good.

You can talk about the difficulties men face in the social order, the problems with establishing a family and so on, but hey, you know what?

Things are tough all over and no one ever accomplished anything by whining.

But it really doesn’t matter, because it’s all in your head. You have to be able to control your own emotional state, or you’re basically a slave. You also have to accept that the material world we live in is a dark place and that life is a tough journey through darkness.

Utopianism is a disaster and it is for babies. People should seek truth, justice, beauty, love, and other things that bring them closer to God, and they should fight for these things, but they should do so with the understanding that seeking and fighting for these divine virtues is the right thing to do, and that the fight itself may bring a degree of peace, may calm the storm of the soul. Not because they think they’re going to achieve utopia and be “happy.”

The earth realm is a place of struggles. When one struggle ends (say you solve the mass child death issue with antibiotics and sterilization techniques), then another begins (maybe your government is taken over by the Jews). The struggle and the suffering is the purpose of existence. It is the nature of material reality, given that we are separated from the presence of God.

The only thing that will ever make anyone truly “happy” is alcohol. And trust me, the viability of alcohol as a mood enhancer is extremely limited. It does not take long to hit “diminishing returns” on that one. In fact, overconsumption of alcohol leads to significant reduction in quality of mood, which is why drunks are miserable and are usually seeking their own deaths. Logically, if “happiness” was something achievable, you could simply be drunk all the time as a method of achieving happiness.

Basically: your life is not a movie. It is never going to turn into a movie. You are never going to experience a euphoric moment where music starts playing and you recognize some deep meaning within an instant. You will never “fall in love.”

Jesus is very clear: he tells you, “pick up your cross.” He doesn’t say “change the government so you can feel happy.”

Again, this is Christian bias, but the facts all match it (find the ancient books of people under good governments talking about how happy they are). Further: I don’t really have any respect for or interest in engaging in serious discussion with anyone who doesn’t accept the Bible as the foundational framework of human existence.

The goal is not to escape the suffering of existence, but to understand that it has a purpose. Every great man was haunted by an overwhelming sense of existential dread which drove him towards greatness. Greatness could never be driven by “happiness.”

Further: we are not women, and we should not speak of “happiness,” but rather of achievement. “Happiness” is totally subjective, and therefore has no particular importance. Accomplishments, however, are measured objectively.

If the meaning of life was happiness, we just as easily could have never been born at all.