Israel Arrests Gaza Hospital Director, Attacks More Hospitals, Delays 4-Day Ceasefire to Kill More Kids


This sure does seem totally reasonable.

No wonder everyone thinks Jews are such logical, reasonable people.

The Guardian:

Israel’s army has arrested the director of Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital and bombed at least 300 targets from the air, killing dozens of Palestinians, as an agreed four-day truce was delayed until Friday.

Mohammad abu Salmiya and other medics were detained, a colleague said, amid reports that members of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) had seized them as they were travelling with a World Health Organization evacuation convoy.

“Dr Mohammad abu Salmiya was arrested along with several other senior doctors,” Khalid abu Samra told the AFP news agency, while Gaza’s ministry of health demanded the WHO explain what had happened.

A second hospital in northern Gaza, the Indonesia hospital, has now been evacuated at the insistence of Israel’s military, according to the Indonesian charity Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C), which helped fund and build it. Gaza’s health ministry said the evacuation meant that 65 bodies at the facility remained unburied.

Hamas has agreed to exchange at least 50 mostly Israeli hostages it holds, in return for a four-day pause in fighting and the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. The truce could be extended if more prisoners are released by Hamas, but Israeli leaders insist fighting will eventually restart.

On Thursday, Herzi Halevi, the IDF’s chief of staff, visited brigade commanders inside Gaza and insisted the war would continue. “We are not ending the war. We will continue until we are victorious, going forward and continuing in other Hamas areas,” he said.

It really has gone too far.

Someone needs to be held responsible.

In fact: all Jews need to be held responsible.