Australia: Catholic Girls’ School Gets Harassed Into Removing Ban on Same-Sex Couples

Well, I’m sure the Pope will –

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A no-girlfriend rule at a Sydney girls’ school formal has been rescinded, thrilling the woman who put the ban in the national spotlight.

Abbie Frankland and her girlfriend, a year 12 student at St Ursula’s College, had been eagerly awaiting next week’s event for months until they realised the Kingsgrove school would not allow same-sex couples to attend together.

Her online petition to Sydney Catholic Schools to overturn the ban rapidly gathered 4,900 signatures last week.

The petition platform on Friday said the school had met students and reversed its decision.

“In a recent turn of events, St. Ursula’s School in Kingsgrove, NSW, has revised its policy regarding the attendance of same-sex couples at the school formal,” the platform said in a statement.

Frankland said she is “thrilled” to be able to attend the 9 November formal.

“We hope that our story can inspire others to challenge discriminatory policies and practices wherever they exist,” she wrote on

Federal education minister, Jason Clare, last week urged the Catholic school to rethink the ban and “show a little bit of common sense”.

“It’s 2023,” he said at the time.


We all want to retire certain memes, but they just won’t let us.

Logically, a meme reaches the point where it is so widespread that the left avoids doing the thing that is being mocked by the meme. But that very rarely actually happens.

They’ve been cracking down on Catholic schools in Australia lately