Germany: Anne Frank Nursery Changes Its Name Because Diversity and Inclusion

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GB News:

A German nursery is to be renamed after its current branding of the “Anne Frank kindergarten” was deemed to be too political.

After 50 years of association with the famous Jewish name, the kindergarten in the village of Tangerhütte said that it wanted a more “diverse” identification.

Going forwards it will now be known as “world explorer kindergarten”.


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Explaining the controversial decision, the kindergarten’s director, Linda Schichor, told local media: “We wanted a name without a political background.”

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A local council representative was also reported to have backed the name change.

They said the rebranding was part of a “conceptual overhaul” that would see the nursery put greater emphasis on “self determination and diversity”.

The decision of the Tangerhütte kindergarten has sparked a backlash, led by the International Auschwitz Committee.

Deputy head Christoph Heubner said: “If one is prepared to forget one’s own history so easily, especially in these times of renewed antisemitism and Right-wing extremism, one can only feel fear and anxiety about the culture of remembrance in our country.”

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Snake Baker contributed to this article.