Australia Developing Air Traffic Control System for Drones and Flying Taxis

Australia probably needs drone taxis a lot less than much more urbanized areas with traffic.

But it’s exciting that anyone is doing it. Drone taxis are going to be awesome. Especially when they start crashing and causing mass chaos.

The Guardian:

Australia is building an air traffic control system for drones as authorities prepare for a surge in uncrewed aircraft flights and flying taxis over the next decade.

Airservices Australia – the federal government agency responsible for managing airspace across the country – has appointed air traffic management company Frequentis Australasia to develop a “digital air traffic management to safely integrate millions of uncrewed aircraft flights into Australia’s busy airspace”.

Analysis commissioned by Airservices Australia predicts that drone flights in the country will surge to 60m by 2043 including delivery drones, air taxis and other pilotless operations. At present, there are about 1.5m drone flights a year.

“The way we do air traffic control today won’t work for the number of drones we expect to see in our skies,” Airservices Australia’s Luke Gumley said on Monday.

There will be many aircraft in urban environments with high populations … drone delivery will operate in populous areas.

Gumley, the head of transformation uncrewed services, said the future drone management system would incorporate a significant amount of automation. Current air traffic control systems relied on verbal communication between controllers and pilots.

Authorities were expecting unmanned aircraft to be highly automated, possibly with one pilot on the ground controlling multiple aircraft at once, he said.

“Humans will still be in the loop, but perhaps more on the loop than within the loop.”

Ultimately, the drone management system would have to integrate with the broader control of air traffic in Australia, to ensure drones didn’t interfere with commercial flights and to stop them from crashing into each other, Gumley said.

I think China will implement these flying taxis before anyone else.

I’ll tell you, Shanghai needs them more than anyone else. Other than Manila. But Manila will never get them, because Manila will never develop, because the Philippines is a repressed American colony totally blocked out of Chinese development money.