Australia: Over 100 Global Warmers Blockading Coal Port with Kayaks

Actually, you’re just a bunch of faggots

At least blocking a shipping lane is attacking the thing they are against. I didn’t know these people did that. I thought they always just lashed out against random people in the society.


A two-day blockade of the world’s largest coal port has triggered 109 arrests.

Hundreds of activists swam or used kayaks to occupy the Newcastle port’s shipping lane in Australia, to protest against climate inaction.

They claim the disruption prevented over half a million tonnes of coal from leaving the country.

Australia is the world’s second biggest coal exporter and relies on the fossil fuel for its own electricity needs.

Located roughly 170km (105 miles) from Sydney, the Port of Newcastle is the country’s most important terminal for coal shipments.

An estimated 3,000 people from across Australia took part in the 30-hour weekend blockade of its shipping lane, which had been approved by police.

But dozens of protesters remained in the water following the protest cut-off point – triggering 109 arrests, including five minors who were subsequently released.

On Monday, 104 people were charged over their refusal to leave the harbour channel, according to a statement from New South Wales police.

“I am doing this for my grandchildren and future generations,” said 97-year-old Alan Stuart, who defied the deadline.

“I am so sorry that they will have to suffer the consequences of our inaction. So, I think it is my duty to do what I can,” he added.

Well, old man, you’re retarded. I’ve never heard of someone that old being susceptible to the base level moronism that is global warming mania.

Seriously, I hear “97-year-old global warmer” and I think we’re dealing with some kind of criminal or serious pervert with a very different agenda.

I don’t even really believe that any males believe in this hoax, and assume that all of the men who go to the protests are just there to try to meet women.

However, I will say: this is the first time I’ve been impressed by global warmers.

Frankly, they should be able to impress more regularly, given that they have unlimited money from George Soros and the government.

Frankly, it makes me sick that all of this money is going into global warming protests when these retards could be protesting the Jews instead.