Austria: Man Arrested for Swastika Tattooed on Testicles Gets 19 Months in Jail

The man was tried at the Klagenfurt tribunal

Some people are serious business.

Some people get swastikas tattooed on their balls.

It’s extra hardcore in Austria – where it is illegal to have a swastika tattooed on your balls.

Sputnik News:

An Austrian man was sentenced to 19 months in prison on Tuesday for breaking Austria’s anti-Nazi glorification laws by displaying a swastika tattooed on his scrotum, among other things, the Kronen Zeitung paper reported.

The man, who can’t be named due to Austria’s privacy laws, was accused of showing his private parts – after they’d reportedly been tattooed by his brother following a heavy drinking session – to his army colleagues on the last day of military exercises on 13 September 2019. The defendant was also allegedly caught posting Nazi propaganda online including photos with banned symbols from the Bunker Museum Wurzenpass, and seen drinking “Hitler wine.”

The man said in the court that he couldn’t “give a reasonable explanation for why he did it” but admitted that most of his actions were “nonsense.”

Most Austrians were happy when the Anschluss happened

“I was in a relevant group,” the defendant told the court on Tuesday. “The forbidden was appealing – but we all enormously underestimated how much a mistake this was.”

According to a separate report from the 5 Minuten portal, the man’s tattoo is no longer visible.

Oh man – did he have it removed?

Tattoo removal is about 100x more painful than a tattoo. I can’t even imagine having that laser on your balls.

It no longer being visible means that someone had to check it. Just to arrest him in the first place, cops had to come and say “let me check your balls, we have reports you have an illegal symbol on your nutsack.”

There is no room for interesting people anymore.