Be Merry on Christmas, Because a Child was Born in Bethlehem and the Truth Will Set You Free

[Editor’s note: I wrote this piece, mostly in its entirety, on Christmas Day. But it needed to be cleaned up, and I had places to be and people to see, so it is finally getting published now. But hey – it’s before the New Year, and still in the Christmas celebratory period. Further, this is information that applies any time of the year, it is simply that we take time at Christmas to make a point to remember it.]

It’s Christmas and we are merry.

But why are we merry?

We are merry because God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

I work every single day of the year, and have done so for the best part of a decade. I always say, “I take Christmas off,” but I actually do not. I just only write one article on Christmas.

This is that article.

Instead of simply wishing you all a Merry, Merry Christmas, as I have for the last seven Christmases, I thought I would give a personal story about what the little baby born in Bethlehem means to me. Hopefully, we can all center ourselves, and remember that no matter how bad things get around us in this world, our own personal fulfillment is a choice that we make.

I forgot to fundraise this year. People who live on donations are supposed to fundraise at this time of year, because people feel more generous at this time of year.

Why did I forget to fundraise?


Many years ago, the Jews forced me completely out of the financial system. I was required then to use cryptocurrency, virtually exclusively, in order to make this website work. In October, Bitcoin was under $11,000, now it’s peeking out up above $25,000.

I just wasn’t thinking about money, because there wasn’t any need to. About a year ago, I was flipping out, because I’d been running the site at a loss, and that was coming back to bite me. But now, with the staff fired, and the funds we have doubled, money isn’t even entering my mind.

This isn’t financially responsible, mind you – I should have been fundraising, because who knows how long Bitcoin will stay up, and who knows what expenses I might run into. I should always be attempting to get as much money out of the audience as possible, as a matter of course. Right now, there isn’t even an easy way to donate to the site, because I removed the Bitcoin address because the fees had gotten out of control on Bitcoin (and Monero is also naturally more secure, something that is going to matter more if Joe Biden actually becomes president). I meant to write a guide about how to donate Monero (either by buying it or just converting Bitcoin to Monero, which takes literally 90 seconds). I also meant to put together something where people who want to send more than X amount (probably $100, to justify the fees) could request a unique address, which would both ensure total privacy and ensure people aren’t wasting money on fees.

But I never got around to writing up that post. Because I’ve got money now, I’ve got money to pay for the site for the foreseeable future, and I’m just not thinking about it. The stupidity here is actually a point of pride: a lot of people say they don’t care about money, but I care so little about money that I sacrificed probably at least $10,000 or so by forgetting to take 15 minutes and type up the simple instructions for sending Monero.

I was talking to a friend this morning, and I said: “I don’t really understand what people do with money. If I were to live above the means I’ve lived at for my entire adult life, I would feel decadent.”

I was also thinking about a certain bottom line: not caring about excess money means that I don’t care about any of the things you can buy with excess money, which is most things. Frankly, I can’t really even imagine what I would buy with money if I had it. I have a very nice work computer and a very nice gaming computer, and I eat steak when I want to eat steak. What am I going to buy? A race car? A boat? Silken robes?

All of that stuff ultimately amounts to a fancy version of this.

However, we should then ask: why do men care about money, if it amounts to nothing more than putting your penis into a gourd and tying a string to it? Why do men who appear to be good men prioritize money? Why do I myself care about money deeply, insofar as I consistently advise young men to prioritize making money? This is because for many men – and I would hope most men, and it is certainly all real men – the money is not about what they can buy with it.

Frankly, the things you can buy with money after your basic needs are met are not very impressive, and if you cared about these things, you would be kind of shallow and ridiculous. However, on the other end of that, there are people who are just as shallow and ridiculous. There is no pride in being a hippie loser who goes around talking about how he doesn’t try to build a career because he doesn’t care about money. People who do not work, and work hard, are universally unimpressive.

A tired loser is close to a slob, who gorges himself on food, and thereby denies the reality of his own physical self, which we, as spiritual beings inhabiting flesh, are meant to be in tune with. I am thankful that my work allows me to spend time keeping myself fit, and to eat a healthy diet, as this too is a simple prerequisite of living a meaningful existence. Just as I’ve never met an impressive lazy person, I’ve never met an impressive fat person. Respecting your body should be a number one priority.

Working, and valuing work, is at the core of any man’s identity, and every man I have ever met who takes pride in not working has had the spirit of a woman in them. They tend to put on a facade of passivity, but if you scratch it just a little bit, you find that all of that feminine anger is boiling just below it. If you don’t believe me, find a hippie and start pressing him a little bit. You’ll find that womanly rage very quickly. It is always there. It comes from impotency. I often wonder if it is literal, physical impotency – because if a man cannot work, how then could he produce an erection?

Good men do care about money and they should care about money, because in most situations, money is representative of the value of their work, and thus a meaningful measure of their self-worth. As the real president said more than once when he was working in business: “the number in the bank is just keeping score.” All of the accusations from the left that Donald Trump was using the presidency to further his personal wealth rang hollow, and they ended up sort of backing off of that when it didn’t stick. It was sort of instinctive to people that Trump only ever cared about money as a symbol of success, and while president, the symbols of his success are very different. Instead, the media was ultimately able to fixate on Trump’s vanity, which did often ring true. He did end up taking easy wins, which did not help his agenda, and indeed ended up hurting his agenda, because he felt he needed wins. William Barr appealed directly to this vanity. He was appointed because he wrote positively of Trump. Barr was ultimately the reason Trump got into this situation he is currently in.

I am in a unique situation where money can’t be used to represent my success. If I were to make a lot of money doing what I do, what would that mean, exactly? It could be construed to mean that a lot of people value my work, and take the time to donate, yes. But I have primarily aimed this work at people who naturally do not have money, because they are below the age at which people begin to make money. I would have hoped that after ten or so years of doing this, the lads that I had empowered in their teens and early twenties would come back to me, having gotten rich on my advice, and dump money on me. But that is a rather convoluted measure, and mostly, what bringing in large amounts of donations would mean is that I’m a good fundraiser. It’s not something I care about.

So then: what do I care about? A man must fulfill his duties, he must overcome much to get to the point where he is able to work and feel satisfied with that work. It is a monumental achievement in its own right, certainly. I thank God every day for my work. Meaningful work is the core of a man. All men must resist many temptations to find meaningful and fulfilling work.

Once that work is achieved, you have to keep it. A man must accept it as it is, and not continually seek to enlarge it indefinitely, chasing a status higher than was meant for him. Every man must come to the place where he recognizes that he is where he is supposed to be, and that he doesn’t need to compete with every other man on earth in order to carve out his place on the earth. Men have destroyed their businesses, and then their families, by getting comfortable and then attempting to go bigger, stretching themselves too thin in an attempt to get to the level of someone else. The goal must be contentedness, and you must accept it when it arrives.

But work by definition is a means to an end. What is the end? What then is the meaning of life? What is the end, that it is an end in and of itself?

This should bring us back around to Baby Jesus, because when we consider the meaning of work, we are considering the meaning of life, and I know as a matter of basic reality – I know it as surely as I know that I’m sitting here typing – that this Baby is at the center of that.

Firstly, we must acknowledge that men work and produce wealth as a means to acquire access to women. That is a basic fact of biology. There is nothing especially pleasant about women, and yet men are drawn to women, and that is your biology tricking you into being interested in something that is fundamentally not interesting. (A woman recently told me that there was nothing in the world more beautiful than a woman’s form, and I said to her, truthfully: “trees are more beautiful.” The male perception of the beauty of a woman is a chemical trick in the brain.) This is to say: there is no inherent meaning in this particular behavior. These chemical drives we have are the trappings of the flesh. Much evil stems from this drive, if it is not kept where it belongs. We have seen men become successful in their work, and then indulge themselves in the women that this can bring you, and find nothing there. And yet, often, they keep looking for a very long time. Great men have been destroyed by this drive.

Ultimately, it must be stated plainly that reproduction is the first meaning of life, because we are biological creatures that reproduce sexually, and we have a duty to pass on our genes. However, this is the meaning of the life of any living thing that reproduces sexually, including insects. Not only do we know that men seek more than to reproduce, but we know that a man does not fulfill himself by reproducing. If reproduction led to fulfillment, then there would be no man who was destroyed after becoming a father, and every father would be fully contented. It is easy as a disenchanted millennial or younger to romanticize fatherhood, given that for many white men (especially middle class white men), it has become something that almost seems beyond reach. But we can just look at our own fathers, many of whom obviously knew nothing or they wouldn’t have let the world become what it has become, to see that fatherhood is not a ticket to self-actualization. Up until very recently in our history, fatherhood used to be a pretty early developmental milestone.

If the total meaning of life was as that of an animal, we would be animals and we would be satisfied as animals are. Instead, we seek something beyond anything of the flesh, beyond anything material; we seek a thing that is an end in itself and which is universally pure and good and right: we seek the truth, because that is the only thing that can ever set us free from the bonds of the flesh.

We work, we take care of our bodies, we build families – but all of this is to serve a greater, divine purpose.

Everything that I have ever done with this website has been in the pursuit of truth. But it’s more than that. Everything that drives me to exist is an underlying pursuit of truth. Every single conversation I have with someone I enjoy conversing with can ultimately be surmised as a seeking of truth. Our existence is about unraveling lies and the illusions of the flesh, and finding the ultimate truth. Finding truth, and knowing that it is true, brings a feeling of satisfaction that cannot compare to anything else in existence.

More importantly: as you begin to uncover truth, and to live in truth, the proper way of living and being makes itself more and more clear to you. This goes beyond simply understanding politics, or various social problems: we are on a journey to discover ultimate reality, and the core meaning at the bottom of everything. We are incapable of grasping it fully, and that is why this is a journey that never actually ends – not in this life. But as we get closer and closer to ultimate reality, we become more and more pure, more fulfilled, and closer to God.

Many or most of those professing to be Christians have forgotten what “truth” means – the truth is the truth. It’s what is not a lie. It is what is left when you pull apart the lies. And it is uniquely valuable in itself, and it is the only thing that is a means and an end of itself. The truth about homosexuals, the truth about women, the truth about the Jews – all of these truths are valuable because they are true, and the utility of them is obvious: if you know the truth and you understand the truth, you are able to work to make a better world, and a better life for yourself personally. If you do not value truth, and yet you claim to be working to make something better, you are just blindly swinging your fists in the darkness – and nothing will ever come of that, which is why modern “Christianity” is so ridiculous.

Truth is something that requires bravery to seek out, and many cannot handle it. Some can get to a certain point, and then go no further, at which point they drop out, find some comfortable lie to curl up under and die. I have always been fixated on finding the truth. From childhood, my philosophy was: just shoot it right into my veins. And yet, I have struggled with sin and lies like everyone else has, because this is a battle. You have to fight to get to what is real.

We have found many new truths this year, as we’ve seen the face of evil unmasked. Unraveling the truth of the coronavirus was an extreme rush for me, frankly. I know it was for many of you as well. We were able to pull this apart, and look right at it, and there is deep meaning in simply knowing the truth.

But then you have the second part of this drive: once you have the truth, you want to spread it. And that can change the world. If we just look at the rather basic matter of the coronavirus hoax: if people would have known the truth of this matter, this hoax never would have went through, and we would be living in a very different world going into 2021. Trump would have won the election outright, for starters. We also would not be facing down an endless hell of poverty and despair.

We are spiritual beings who are limited by this flesh that we inhabit. All sin is of the flesh, and all sin comes from falsehood and lies. Every falsehood leads to sin, and every sin creates more falsehood.

Jesus Christ came to earth and lived out his life in ultimate truth, which means that he could not sin. If you live in ultimate truth, the negative outcome of sin on your own self is known, so it becomes impossible to commit sin – you would simply have no reason to do it, because you would immediately see the consequences of the sin as obvious.

But the core of the human experience, and the reason that God created us in His own image, is so that we might choose the path of light. We have free will. We are required to exercise it, in order to make ourselves better, and to prepare ourselves for the next life.

We should understand: truth creates more truth, just as lies create more lies. Righteousness begets righteousness, just as sin begets sin. This means that any movement towards the truth is going to bring you closer to understanding other things, while any movement away from the truth is going to cause you to become more blinded and confused.

But we will never be 100%. That is why we need Jesus Christ. He is a pure form of truth, and through him we are capable of bridging the gap between our feeble bodies, and the divine reality of ultimate truth. He allows us to sidestep sin, by seeing it for what it is, and come closer to fulfilling our purpose. That is why when we accept Christ, we invite the Holy Spirit to dwell within us, so that it may guide us to the light of truth.

And this need not appear magical. I realize that particularly evangelicals have framed this in such a way as if it is magical, as if you are inviting a foreign spirit to inhabit your body. (Some of these evangelicals are kind of actually very creepy, and they are certainly a group that loves lies, and thus has nothing much at all to do with the Holy Spirit of God.) They have actually turned this into a ritual, where you “get saved” by saying a phrase. They make it into almost a spell, or an incantation, where you say these words and then a spirit rushes into your body.

I don’t know when this originated, but it only really got popular with the baby boomers, and their embrace of it – along with all of the other heresies of the evangelical cult – led to the nigh total collapse of Christianity in the West. They do a thing where they invite people to “come down and get saved,” which means walking up to the stage at a church and then saying these words, and that is supposed to somehow immediately change your life. This is a total perversion, and it is useless. Embracing the Holy Spirit cannot have any meaning if you don’t understand what it means and you think it’s some kind of possession ritual.

It’s no wonder that so many people drop out of this evangelical religion – if you’re being told you are inviting a spirit into your body that is going to immediately change your life because in a physical sense, a new spirit has entered you, you’re going to be let down, and it’s probably going to end up seeming like the whole thing is fake, after the buzz of the ritual itself wears off. They also tell you that as soon as you say these words – that is, perform the incantation – you’re “saved,” which means that you can’t go to hell. Let me tell you this: we are all going to stand before God some day, and he is going to judge each and every one of us. On that day, saying, “yeah, but I thought I just had to say those words and we were cool” is not going to fly. The only way that any of us are going to be saved is through God’s grace, but if you lived your entire life embracing lies, without even attempting to see truth, then God is going to say “I never knew thee.”

Here’s how this works: We are all conceived with the spirit of God in us. That’s how babies that are murdered in their wombs by their mothers know how to get to Heaven. If they didn’t have that spirit with them, they wouldn’t know where to go. Only the spirit of God can create life, and it is our basic nature that we are creatures created through a divine spark. What you are doing when you accept the Holy Spirit of God is make a declaration that you wish to live in the light of truth. That is at the singular core of Christianity. It is all about truth. Every time you are faced with a choice between accepting the truth or a lie, you are embracing or rejecting the Spirit of God that is in you.

You can tell if someone is a Christian by the way they react to truth. Even with the Holy Spirit in us, we will never be pure, but if that light is in us, then we are going to be drawn to truth. With every lie we accept, that light of the spirit gets dimmer, and with every truth we embrace, it glows hotter.

Every day of our lives is a battle between truth and lies. We live in a world of lies, and most people have completely succumbed to them. We are few and they are many, but our weapon – truth – is the greatest of any weapon.

My message to you, on this Christmas day of what must be the darkest year humanity has ever seen, is this: embrace all truth. Not simply political truths. The reason that political falsehoods are embraced by the masses is that they have embraced spiritual falsehoods. You have to have a soul that is completely buried in darkness to believe this coronavirus hoax, or believe this election fraud, or believe global warming, or any of this nonsense. But the reverse is also true: to overcome the lies, we have to live in truth, and strive for ultimate reality.

If you have not yet accepted Christ, then you are still living in lies.

Christ is God come in the flesh to present a path to salvation through example, and it is only by following that path toward the light of the truth that we are going to be saved. The further we are from sin, the closer we are to truth, the stronger we become.

I live my life through God’s grace, and I understand that he put me here for a purpose, and every day, I do my best to fulfill that purpose. That purpose is found in work.

Even as the world is overcome by lies, I am given joy in that I am able to work, and to seek truth.

I implore all of you to work hard and find meaning in what you do. Do it not for the money, do it not for the women, but because we were designed to work as a way to honor our God, and thus it is work that brings us fulfillment. This is the first, most basic purpose that we have here on earth.

Keep your body clean and better yourself physically, for God created your body as a thing that is intended to be powerful and aesthetic.

Seek always first the truth, and do not ever settle for comfortable lies, for God put the spirit of truth in you, that you should know right from wrong. The closer you come to the truth, the closer you will be to God, and the closer you will be to freedom and fulfillment – regardless of what is happening in the world around you.

Remember: you are going to be called to account for every decision you have made, when the big bell rings. Each and every one of us is going to stand before the Heavenly Throne, and be commanded to explain every decision we ever made. Every sin is committed in the name of a falsehood, and on Judgement Day, all of those falsehoods will be stripped away.

Things are dark and getting darker. There is only one light in any of this, and it is the same light there always was: it is the light of God, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is truth and is the root of all truth.

You would each do well to steel yourselves now for what is coming. These are the days of decision, and you are going to have to make very hard choices. All of that is going to be easier if you’ve committed yourself wholly to fighting in the name of what is right and good and true, and accepted that you are not of this world, and your reward lies beyond this world.

Whatever happens, brothers, this is true: some day you are going to die.

A Pale Horse and His Rider is coming for each and every one of us.

Until then, it’s nothing but choices.