UK: Famed Cathedral Hosts “90s Silent Disco” Despite Christians’ Objections

It’s something you would expect to happen.

New York Post:

Incensed Christians are protesting a sold-out silent disco at Canterbury Cathedral this week because they don’t want a “rave to Eminem in God’s house,” SWNS reports.

The famed cathedral, southeast of London, is set to welcome about 750 people each on Thursday and Friday nights for the ’90s-themed event.

Headphone-wearing attendees will bop along to music from Britney Spears, TLC, Eminem, and the Spice Girls while enjoying alcohol as the landmark’s historic Nave is transformed into a dance floor.

Tickets were $31 — with VIP options up for grabs at $40 — before they sold out.

“Party positive vibes for a feel-good experience” are promised — but some conservative Christians are vehemently against the two-day gathering.

Several have raised concerns with the dean of Canterbury, the Very Reverend Dr. David Monteith, but were dismayed to learn that the show will go on.

While respectful of our right to protest, the Dean was dismissive of our petition, stating that we were an extreme minority — for not wanting an alcohol-fueled rave to the music of Eminem in God’s house,” said Dr. Cajetan Skowronski, who is leading the protest.

“Dr. Monteith was convinced — with no evidence — that the majority of Christians would support this disco, and our petition and reasoned arguments could not change his mind,” Skowronski continued.

Skowronski insists that no other religion would consider using a sacred building in this way and that the event will lead people to believe Christians don’t “take their faith seriously.”

Well. That sure is true.

Christianity has become a complete joke. The Pope promotes gay anal activities.

It’s vulgar beyond comprehension to hold a rave in a church, but it is actually within comprehension now, when you see how little Christians care for their own religion.