Kremlin Confirms Tucker’s Putin Interview was Conducted on Tuesday

You’d think it would be out today, but it’s not airing until tomorrow at 6PM EST.

It will likely be the most watched interview ever in history. It’s going to really change the narrative, I think.


Russian President Vladimir Putin met with US journalist Tucker Carlson on Tuesday for an interview, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a daily media briefing on Wednesday. The American had announced the imminent release of the footage hours earlier.

Peskov declined to say when exactly the public will be able to see the interview and would not comment on its contents. He noted that being an American, Carlson was neither pro-Russian nor pro-Ukrainian in terms of his attitude to the Ukraine conflict, which is expected to be the focus of the interview.

He pointed out that the interviewer’s position contrasts with that which dominates in Western media, which is why the Kremlin had granted his request. The Kremlin spokesman added, however, that Carlson is wrong when he claims that Western news outlets haven’t bothered to seek an interview with the Russian leader.

Western mainstream media cannot claim “even the appearance of impartiality” on Ukraine and “all have a one-sided position,” Peskov explained. Moscow has “no desire” to communicate with them and doubts that anything good would come out of it, he said.

The fact that Putin rejected other interviews was used in community notes to “fact check” Tucker.

Some of the mainstream media apparently wanted to do a “confrontational” interview with Putin, and this was rejected. I don’t know how Tucker was supposed to know that. None of the Western media has said that Putin refused their interviews. And the whole media is saying that Tucker is a traitor for interviewing Putin.

The Ukrainians placed Tucker on the kill list today, alongside several other Americans.

The Ukraine only exists because the US props them up, and the US takes no issue with the country having a kill list that includes Americans.

Along with the hit out on him from American-backed terrorists, the American-backed EU is going to sanction him.

Vivek pointed out the obvious, which usually only I’m doing, saying that there is no way the EU would do this without the explicit approval of the US government.