Best Korea Boosting Weapons Production with Style

You never know who America is going to start a war with next!

It could always be you!

Gotta be prepared.


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has instructed factories making missile engines, artillery and other weapons to boost capacity as an important part of bolstering the country’s defence capabilities, state media said on Sunday.

Kim’s inspections from Thursday to Saturday included the production of engines for strategic cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as shells for super large-calibre multiple-rocket launchers and transporter-erector-launchers, said state news agency KCNA.

His unusual visits to multiple arms production facilities over several days come as Pyongyang pushes to develop various strategic and conventional weapons and holds prominent displays of a range of arms.

The launchers Kim inspected are normally used to fire ballistic missiles.

North Korea has tested rocket launchers for larger calibre shells, advanced cruise missiles and last month its newest ballistic missiles, including a solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile.

Kim cited improved precision processing and modernised automation in the production of large-calibre multiple-rocket launcher shells, KCNA said.

He called for the mass production of “various kinds of cutting-edge strategic weapon engines… and thus make a great contribution to bringing about a revolution in developing new strategic weapons of our style,” the agency said.

Photos showed Kim firing different types of assault rifles, with fiery blasts coming off the muzzle as he took aim at a target that was out of frame.

You know Kim.

He’s always on point.