Best Korea May Start Shooting Down American Spy Planes

Every country that is being targeted by the United States has seen the Afghan pullout, they’ve seen the Ukraine counteroffensive. They are no longer scared.

We have entered aggressively into “paper tiger” cliches.

If North Korea shoots down American spy planes, what are the Americans going to do? Post shitty memes on Twitter?

New York Post:

North Korea accused the United States on Monday of violating its airspace by conducting surveillance flights and warned that, while Pyongyang was exercising restraint, such flights may be shot down.

Provocative military actions by the United States were bringing the Korean peninsula closer to a nuclear conflict, said an unnamed spokesperson of North Korea’s Ministry of National Defense in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency.

The report also cited the use of US reconnaissance planes and drones and said Washington was escalating tensions by sending a nuclear submarine near the peninsula.

“There is no guarantee that such a shocking accident as the downing of the US Air Force strategic reconnaissance plane will not happen” in waters east of Korea, the spokesperson said.

The statement cited past incidents of the North shooting down or intercepting US aircraft at the border with South Korea and off the coast.

North Korea has often complained about US surveillance flights near the peninsula.

There was no immediate response from the US military stationed in South Korea to a request for comment.

The moves by the United States to introduce strategic nuclear assets to the Korean peninsula is “the most undisguised nuclear blackmail” against North Korea and regional countries and presents a grave threat to peace, KCNA said.

Whether the extreme situation, desired by nobody, is created or not on the Korean peninsula depends on the future action of the US, and if any sudden situation happens … the US will be held totally accountable for it,” it said.

I support all men against all women, and I support all enemies of ZOG.

North Korea didn’t do anything. No one can explain what they did wrong. They are a target of harassment by the Anal Empire because they don’t follow orders.

Why should they have to follow orders?

Who died and made America God?