Biden Lectured Xi About “Chinese Fentanyl” Conspiracy Theory

Blaming the Chinese for the opioid crisis because they produce common synthetic chemicals is nonsensical. I can’t believe conservatives say this shit.

It’s also unbelievable that this is the only thing to come out of a meeting between the leaders of China and the US, two major powers on the brink of war.


US President Joe Biden’s administration has dropped trade restrictions on the Chinese government’s forensic science institute as part of a push to persuade Beijing to help block the trafficking of fentanyl and its constituent chemicals into the US.

The institute’s removal from the blacklist was confirmed on Thursday in a notice posted by multiple US agencies to the Federal Register. The move came one day after Biden held a long-awaited meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in a suburb of San Francisco, where the two leaders agreed to resume cooperation between their governments on fighting the trafficking of synthetic opioids and other drugs.

Why didn’t they discuss real problems?

Washington put the Chinese Ministry of Public Security’s Institute of Forensic Science on its sanctions list in 2020 to punish Beijing for alleged abuses against China’s Uighur ethnic minority. The penalty essentially banned US suppliers from exporting most goods to the institute. China’s then-ambassador to the US, Qin Gang, later criticized the decision, saying Washington was asking for help to address America’s drug crisis while sanctioning an entity that was essential to fighting fentanyl trafficking.

US leaders have repeatedly blamed China for contributing to the US opioid crisis, which resulted in nearly 110,000 overdose deaths in 2022 alone.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who traveled to Beijing last month, claimed that Chinese companies were “fueling” the crisis by supplying ingredients for the production of synthetic opioids in Mexico. Chinese officials have argued that the problem is “rooted” in the US, where the government has failed to stop illegal drug use.

LOL @ conservatives agreeing with Chuck Schumer about Israel and China, the two biggest issues on the Democrat agenda.

It’s nonsensical. If China is the one producing it, why don’t they have an opioid crisis in China?

Think about it.

The first reason is that the Chinese government executes drug dealers. But the bigger reason, and the real thing that needs to be addressed, is that young Chinese men aren’t hopelessly doomed. They are not hopeless about the future. They are working and trying to make money, trying to make a family.

Here’s the question: why would young American men rather live on the street and do drugs than do something other than that?

Presumably, it’s because they do not feel they are being presented a better option.

I blame the government for normalizing the use of hard drugs by refusing to enforce laws, and I blame junkies for their choices. But there is a much bigger issue here. Most countries have free access to opioids, and they do not have junkie problems. In America, 100 years ago, every medicine cabinet had a bottle of heroin in it. You could buy it over-the-counter. There were no junkies.

Junkies are a sign of social decay. We should try to stop the supply, but it’s not a supply problem.

Also, there is no way to stop the supply. Fentanyl is so cheap to produce that you can send 100 packages of it through the mail and if only one arrives, you make money. Attempting to address the supply is dumb.

A Good Junkie is Dead

Moreover: if China is killing junkies, this is good for American society. I feel for them on some level, being hopeless about the future, but they are still a social cancer and it would be better if they were all dead. Fentanyl has a much higher overdose and death rate than heroin did. This is good.

We don’t need junkies. Functional countries kill junkies. There is no benefit to having a junkie, and regardless of what led them to that place, they don’t want help. There is no such thing as “addiction.” These people are saying they don’t care about life or existence, and they are making that decision every day, and society can’t drag these people around.

Junkies are a very expensive problem for the United States. Why would China, which is an enemy country, want to kill US junkies?

Remember that the British gave opium to the then-hopeless Chinese peasants during the century of humiliation. The British weren’t trying to kill the junkies. They wanted the junkies to weaken Chinese society.

For the Record…

Biden and Xi ostensibly also agreed to further discussions about the lunatic behavior of the Biden Military against China.

As soon as Biden took office, he started sailing warships back and forth through the Taiwan Strait, flying nuclear-armed bomber planes around Asia, arming Taiwan, claiming Taiwan is an independent country, and threatening China with a war. It’s been completely insane.

Both leaders know nothing is going to change. Look at Palestine. The Democrats/Jews are hellbent on global war. But the meeting is good for both leaders, domestically. Biden can claim to American people he is not a total radical, and Xi can say “look, I’m trying to do all I can to get these people to see reason.”

The faggot Biden literally called Xi a “dictator” at the meeting where he claims to be deescalating.

It was Blinken’s face that went viral. Blinken is trying to focus on the Israel war.

There are many meetings like this. There always have been. It’s common for two leaders who know they are not going to ever reach any common ground to meet in a public, ceremonial way, and for nothing to change.