Biden Says America Ready to Fight China on Behalf of the Philippines

The Philippines is under military occupation by the United States. The last president of the country tried to kick out the US troops and surrender claim on the disputed territory, and he found it was not possible. I speak of Duterte.

Duterte is in league with the current president, Bongbong Marcos (son of the alleged “dictator” Ferdinand Marcos). Duterte was basically just too old, so he turned it over to Marcos and installed his lesbian daughter as Vice President.

Marcos has repeatedly gone to the Chinese – visiting China was his first official trip – and said how much he likes them and wants to be friends with them.

But it’s just not allowed.

Once you have US military in your country, there is no way to ever get them out. You can ask Germany, Japan, Korea. They do not leave, and they dictate your foreign policy.

The US claiming they will do things to China on behalf of the Philippines is an utter disgrace. This is like if someone breaks into your house, holds a gun to your head, then pulls out another gun and starts shooting at your neighbors (neighbors who you like, get along with, and are interested in doing business with), while claiming he is defending you.

It’s insane. Everything is insane, gay, and retarded.

New York Post:

President Biden said Wednesday that the US military is willing to fight nuclear-armed China on behalf of the Philippines after ships from the two Asian countries collided near a disputed, unpopulated island in the South China Sea.

“The United States defense agreement with the Philippines is ironclad. Any attack on the Filipino aircraft, vessels or armed forces will invoke our mutual defense treaty with the Philippines,” Biden said during a joint press conference at the White House alongside Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

I can’t believe that faggot said this shit.

Well. I can believe anything. I need to stop saying that.

Biden also injects little boys with hormones and cuts their dicks off.

The 1951 mutual defense pact says the US and the Philippines will jointly “defend themselves against external armed attack.”

On Sunday, two of Manila’s military ships collided with a Chinese vessel that sought to block them from reaching the disputed Second Thomas Shoal, which is strategically located along important commercial shipping routes but also submerged at high tide.

The Second Thomas Shoal is located much closer to the Philippines than to China and is one of dozens of islands in the South China Sea disputed by China and the governments of nearby countries including Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.

Who gives a shit what is close to what?

The Philippines is a poor, powerless country. These islands are not relevant to its situation. It’s the poorest country in Asia. It’s on the level of black Africa.

China, conversely, is the dominant regional power, and quite frankly, the dominant global power.

Do you know what the Philippines needs?

Chinese investment. Of the sort that would be included in a deal to solve the border dispute.

Do you know what the Philippines really, definitely does not need?

To be a pawn in a US proxy war with the Chinese.

Why is Biden not focused on that war he’s doing in the Middle East?

And whatever happened to the Ukraine war?

He’s starting a third war, before anyone even understands what is going on with the second one? While badly losing the first one?

What purpose is this supposed to serve for any of the humans on earth?

These Jews are just so arrogant.

I’m so sick of it.

I can’t really even tolerate it anymore.

It’s too ridiculous and stupid.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.