Black Principal Spends Nearly $40K of School Funds on Tropical Vacations

I blame the black Little Mermaid film for this.

Many people referred to that film as “Sambo Fish,” and it had an extremely negative effect on black women, causing them to embezzle money to go on Caribbean vacations.

New York Post:

A former Boston high school principal is charged with misusing nearly $40,000 in school funds for personal use, including two luxurious all-inclusive vacation trips to Barbados.

Naia Wilson, who served as New Mission High School’s headmaster for 13 years, admitted to authorities she committed wire fraud totaling approximately $38,806 in the elaborate scheme, according to a DOJ press release on Tuesday.

The 60-year-old educator allegedly started requesting checks from the school’s external fiscal agent account to be issued under other individuals from Sept. 2006 until May 2019.

Naia Wilson

The New Mission School is an inclusive, portfolio-based Pilot school program that serves grades 7-12, according to their website.

A pilot school budget like New Mission’s is typically overseen by an external fiscal agent that issues checks at an administrator’s request.

She then “fraudulently endorse those checks to herself and then deposited them into her own bank account.”


Wilson repeated the scheme for trips to Barbados in 2016 and 2018, and even requested the fiscal agent issue checks for two of her friends who accompanied the principal on the vacation.

“Instead of working honestly on behalf of her students, Naia Wilson is accused of abusing her authority and using the school’s budget as her own personal slush fund to embezzle tens of thousands of dollars to fund two all-inclusive vacations to Barbados for herself and her friends,” said Christopher DiMenna, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Boston Division.

Wilson pleaded guilty and agreed to pay restitution as she will appear in federal court in Boston at a later date.

A commit of wire fraud can land a person in prison for a max sentence of 20 years, up to three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000.

I’m sorry, bitch, but you will never be a little mermaid.

Black people can’t swim because their chest cavities are too small.

This is a biological reality you’re just going to have to accept.

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Many next time, use the embezzled money for a cannibal excursion.