Bloodsucker Fatmerica Claims “No Evidence” of Jew War Crimes in Gaza

When I was a kid, Kirby was a happy marshmallow creature who sucked in air to fly. Now it’s this.

Insofar as “international war crimes” is a valid concept, Israel has obviously committed the most egregious war crimes ever in human history over the last three months. No one has ever done anything like this, ever.

The US apparently does believe in “war crimes,” because they keep falsely accusing Russia of doing them.


Washington has seen no evidence that Israel deliberately committed war crimes in Gaza, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Thursday.

Asked about Mexico and Chile’s call for the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes against humanity allegedly committed against Palestinians, Kirby claimed the US was “still gathering more information about what this would entail.”

“I want to say again, that we don’t have any indications that there’s deliberate efforts to commit war crimes by the [Israeli military],” he said. 

What the frick?

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They’ve deliberately committed war crimes every day for over 100 days in a row.

The Israel Defense Forces have killed nearly 25,000 Palestinians in Gaza since declaring war on Hamas on October 7, according to the enclave’s health authorities. Another 60,000 have reportedly been seriously injured, while tens of thousands more are missing beneath the rubble of entire neighborhoods leveled by the Israeli bombardment.

None of the that are missing are alive, meaning the real number of dead is probably close to twice the official 25,000 number.

While the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted it does not deliberately inflict civilian casualties, military and intelligence sources have acknowledged deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure for psychological effect in interviews with Israeli outlet Local Call/+972 Magazine.

They’ve acknowledged that for decades.

Just look at him. Everything about his face says “child killer.”

This “kill kids to cause psychological trauma” thing is not a new Jewish strategy at all. They’ve been doing it for 80 years. They’ve just never done it on this scale before.

Kirby made his remarks on Thursday shortly after acknowledging that the White House was “seriously concerned” about reports the Israel Defense Forces had deliberately killed a Palestinian-American teenager in the occupied West Bank town of al-Mazra’a al-Sharqiyah.

While Israel has only declared war on Hamas, which governs Gaza but not the West Bank, some 370 Palestinians have been killed in the latter territory since the war began, nearly 100 of them minors. IDF troops detained another 85 Palestinians in the West Bank on Wednesday, adding to the total of nearly 6,000 inhabitants of the region to be locked up since October 7.

Yes. Israel is a child murder state. Killing innocent children is a part of the core of the fake country’s spiritual essence.

I’m not particularly fond of the concept of “international war crimes.” There are several philosophical problems with it, as well as practical problems, and in reality, the only people ever subject to them are the enemies of the United States. So, it’s a pretty useless term.

“War crimes” is similar to “genocide” in its attempts to put events that happen in war within the framework of abstract legal theory, and war is too raw and animalistic to fit into this kind of structure. It only benefits the people who run the international systems (US, Jews) who are able to do whatever framing they wish.

Regardless of various terminology, what Israel is doing is an atrocity. It is beyond comprehension that you can just slaughter women and children like this, while the world sits and watches.

Of course, you would expect the Jews to do something like this. Jews have always done all sorts of sickening things. They are a uniquely sickening and evil group of people, by all accounts.

Just consider the Jew tunnelers in New York.

Imagine if Italians, Hondurans, Chinese, Finns, or blacks had been digging these tunnels. People would be like “WTF IS THIS???” No one would even believe it’s real. But with the Jews, everyone is like: “Oh yeah, Jews just do things like that.”

Even antisemites are nonplussed, like: “Yeah, it’s for their rituals, they are sexually molesting and probably sacrificing children down there. They connected it to their synagogue so they could do the ritual on their altar. There are obviously Jewish tunnels all through New York. Jews just do things like this.”

Both sides acknowledge that Jews are a uniquely deviant people, it’s just that the Jew defenders claim the deviance is somehow harmless.

This meme is old, but I always liked it a lot:

Over a period of 2,000 years, we have claims from totally different parts of the world that the Jews kidnap and ritually murder children, sometimes reenacting the crucifixion of Christ on a Christian child.

The Jews claim that every single one of these peoples that accused them of doing this were lying because they hate the Jews for no reason. Even people who agree with this understand that this situation is very unique to the Jews.

These people are deviant in the extreme, and can’t be compared to any other group. No one can be surprised by what they are doing in Gaza, calling these people “human animals” and slaughtering them.

What did you expect?

The people who should really be held responsible for this are the Americans, like John Kirby, who defend these Jews.