Senior Hamas Official Rejects Two-State Solution, Says Israel Isn’t Legitimate

It’s overstated, but it is sort of true that there is an agreement between Israel and Hamas that there won’t be a two-state solution.

That doesn’t mean that Israel is in league with Hamas, or vice versa, but it does mean that there is a kind of balance that each party is comfortable with, while both oppose the Palestinian Authority.

Personally, I believe in a one-state solution, where the entirety of Palestine is controlled by Hamas and Jews are forced to either leave to submit.

New York Post:

A senior Hamas official has openly admitted that his terror group will never accept a two-state solution β€” and boasted that its Oct. 7 attack proved it is possible to expand the Palestinian territory and wipe out Israel.


Khaled Mashal β€” a key figure helping to run the terror organization from Qatar β€” claimed in a videotaped interview with Kuwaiti podcaster Amar Taki last week that Gazans and Israelis cannot co-exist, a sentiment he said was made all too clear after Oct. 7.

β€œIΒ would like to say two things about the two-state solution. First, we have nothing to do with the two-state solution,” the 67-year-old terrorist said in a translation provided by MEMRI TV. β€œWe reject this notion, because it means you would get a promise for a [Palestinian] state, yet you are required to recognize the legitimacy of the other state, which is the Zionist entity.

Why do they keep calling him “terrorist”?

What did he even do?

β€œThis is unacceptable,” he added. β€œWe demand to be liberated, to get rid of the occupation and to have our independence and our state.”

Khaled Mashal

β€œI believe that the dream and the hope for Palestine from the river to the sea and from the north to the south has been renewed,” he said, referencing a chant that calls for the erasure of Israel. β€œThis has also become a slogan chanted in the US and in Western capital cities by the American and Western public.


We’re with you, pal.

Let’s clean this rats’ nest out!

β€œThe Palestinian consensus β€” or almost a consensus β€” is that we will not give up on our right to Palestine in its entirety, from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea, and from Rosh HaNikra to Eilat or the Gulf of Aqaba,” Mashal added.

β€œI believe that Oct. 7 has enhanced this conviction, has narrowed the disagreements and has turned the idea of liberating Palestine from the river to the sea into a realistic idea that has already begun,” he said. β€œIt is not something [merely] to be expected or hoped for. It is part of the plan, part of the agenda, and we are standing on its threshold, Allah willing.”

He’s right, clearly.

Everyone is chanting it. Most people on universities would have supported a “two-state” solution before October 7, but now that the Jews have committed this ongoing slaughter of the Palestinians, people are calling for the Jews to be removed from Palestine or simply pushed into the sea.

Realistically, we should say, Jews would not be slaughtered wholesale, and would still be allowed to live in Palestine. They would simply be forced to live in a Hamas state, which would mean all of their gay shit and feminism would have to end, as well as their multitude of global criminal enterprises.

Some of the land would be restored to its original owners, but the Jews who had legitimately purchased land would be allowed to keep it.

It’s not actually a genocide or mass population transfer that is being proposed by Hamas. Jews have always lived in Palestine, and no one is saying that every one of them must leave.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.Β