Jew Relatives of Gaza Hostages Storm Israeli Parliament After Bibi Rejects Hamas Deal

Isn’t this an insurrection?

Don’t these Jews all have to go to prison forever now?

Isn’t that the core of democracy?

If Israel doesn’t put all these people in prison, I don’t know how they can continue to claim to be a democracy. Autocracies like Serbia refuse to put insurrectionists in prison.


A group of relatives of Israelis held hostage by Palestinian gunmen in Gaza stormed a parliamentary committee session in Jerusalem on Monday, demanding that the lawmakers do more to try to free their loved ones.

The action by about 20 people signalled growing domestic dissent in the fourth month of the Gaza war against Hamas.

One woman held up pictures of three family members who were among the 253 people seized in the cross-border Hamas rampage of Oct. 7 that triggered the worst fighting in decades.

Some 130 remain in captivity after others were brought home in a November truce.

“Just one I’d like to get back alive, one out of three!” the woman protester cried after pushing into the Knesset Finance Committee discussion.

Other protesters held up signs reading: “You will not sit here while they die there.”

“Release them now, now, now!” they chanted.

On Monday, Netanyahu told hostage families that Hamas has made no solid offer that would see their loved ones freed, a day after he rejected conditions presented by Hamas to end the war and release hostages that would include Israel’s complete withdrawal and leaving Hamas in power in Gaza.

There is no real proposal by Hamas. It’s not true. I am saying this as clearly as I can because there are so many incorrect statements which are certainly agonising for you,” Netanyahu’s office quoted him as telling the group.

Outside Netanyahu’s house in Jerusalem – on a street called Azza, Hebrew for Gaza – The Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum have set up a vigil calling for a swap deal to be advanced.

If the prime minister decides to sacrifice the hostages, he should show leadership and honestly share his position with the Israeli public,” it said in a statement.

That seems fair enough to me.

Bibi is obviously sacrificing the hostages. Invading at all was a move to sacrifice the hostages. But most of them are still alive, and Hamas is out there offering to give them back if Israel stops the bombardment, and Bibi has said that there is no way he is stopping the bombardment.

He is willing to kill Jews to get a chance to kill even more Palestinians. That is his position.

If that’s his position, that’s his position, but he shouldn’t just lie about it.

He’s skating on thin ice here with his own people. That’s part of why he’s so pumped for war with Iran. If that pops off, he’s pretty much assured he can remain president for life, because the country will finally be involved in a major war, likely with missiles hitting their people on a much more serious scale, and Bibi can claim wartime powers.