Israel Attacks United Nations Shelter in Gaza with Tanks

Remember: Putin is supposed to be put on trial at the UN for “war crimes” because he evacuated children from a war zone.

Meanwhile, Israel is mass-murdering children, refusing to evacuate them from the war zone, and the UN does nothing but flap around.

Jews are now attacking UN buildings with tanks.


The United Nations said on Wednesday that Israeli tanks struck a huge U.N. compound in Gaza sheltering displaced Palestinians, causing “mass casualties”, but Israel denied its forces were responsible and suggested Hamas may have launched the shelling.


“Yeah, we attacked the building with tanks, but at the very same time, Hamas launched missiles to make it look like our tanks were responsible for the destruction…!”

The Jews should win some kind of comedy award for this.

The attack, which the U.N. said hit a vocational training centre housing 30,000 displaced people in Khan Younis, southern Gaza’s main city, prompted rare outright condemnation from the United States.

Mass casualties have taken place, some buildings are ablaze and there are reports of deaths. Many people are trying to flee the scene, but unable to do so,” U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator for the Palestinian Territory James McGoldrick said.

Thomas White, director of Gaza affairs for the U.N. agency UNRWA, said two tank rounds hit one of the centre’s buildings where some 800 displaced people were sheltering. At least nine people were killed and 75 wounded.

The agency’s head Philippe Lazzarini said the death toll was probably higher.

The compound is a clearly marked U.N. facility and its coordinates were shared with Israeli Authorities as we do for all our facilities. Once again a blatant disregard of basic rules of war,” Lazzarini said.

Yeah, and you retards set the standard that Russia is the true evil of the world, even though Russia is standing with Palestine.

In Washington, U.S. State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel said: “We deplore today’s attack on the U.N.’s Khan Younis training centre.”

Civilians must be protected, and the protected nature of U.N. facilities must be respected, and humanitarian workers must be protected so that they can continue providing civilians with the life-saving humanitarian assistance that they need,” Patel said.

Israel’s military initially released a statement describing the wider Khan Younis area as a base of Hamas fighters and acknowledged that fighting was taking place near large numbers of civilians.

In a second statement sent following Washington’s criticism, the military said an examination of its operational systems ruled out that its forces had struck the centre. It added that a through review was still under way to examine the possibility that the strike was a result of Hamas fire.

Along with being the first time ever that this many civilians have been slaughtered by a government, this “war” in Gaza is the first time humanitarian workers have been targeted on this scale.

Clearly, the Jews are saying that they want the UN out of Gaza, and if they don’t leave, they will all be treated like Palestinians.