Brandon is Threatening People Who Don’t Believe His Fake Election Next Week

Brandon, that wily weasel, is planning a fake election next week and he’s threatening you if you don’t believe it.

In a speech at Union Station on Wednesday night, that weird freak Brandon said that he’s going to make you pay if you don’t believe his fake election.

The dynamic is that Brandon is preemptively saying that we are going to say there is fraud, so we are saying that he must be planning to do fraud, as there would be no other reason to preemptively say we’re going to say that.

It’s just obvious.

It is wild and really incomprehensible that these people are saying that all of these wild things have to be done to stop people from questioning the election, because they need to use all of these new voting methods – in particular, they are saying that they now have to do mail-in ballots. They’re admitting that it makes it look like they’re committing fraud, which is why they’re saying all of these measures have to be taken to shut down “election deniers.” But they’re not willing to even discuss going back to normal voting with paper ballots as we used for hundreds of years. They actually claim that using paper ballots for normal in-person voting would destroy democracy.

This is to say: it is all different levels of obvious what is going on here.

Brandon actually claimed, in what was apparently a scripted remark, that it is “unlawful” to question the results. That is a word that means “against the law.”

Brandon didn’t cite the law that is being violated if you think that these unmarked boxes full of more or less totally anonymous ballots that showed up in boxes might not represent a valid election. But he is the highest office-holder in this country, so you would think that he would know if there was such a law.

It’s possible that it could be a secret law.

More ominously than the fact that he made this claim about a law against questioning the result of elections was that the entire media reported on this claim and no one fact-checked it. Everywhere that I looked, it was quoted without comment. The White House did not come out and correct him as they often do when he makes senile statements. Therefore, we can only assume that it is the official policy of the government is that it is against the law to question elections, and that the media officially backs up this policy.

We now know that the Department of Homeland Security is working to outlaw all kinds of speech, up to and including speech related to the validity of elections. Do they now have a secret law to treat people as a national security threat if they question elections? Can they be accused of terrorism, secretly arrested, and secretly executed?

We said after the 2020 election hoax that the fact that they got away clean meant that there could never be another fair election in this country. However, at that time, we had yet to see how bad Democrat governments could be. We are looking at a massive landslide for the Republicans. Even if people do not care about child trannies or World War III against Russia and China, everyone cares about their own money, and everyone in this country, other than a very tiny handful of bankers, has lost money as a result of what Brandon has done. It is a very small percentage of people who will put a utopian vision of a child anal society of nuclear war over their own money.

Union Station really was the perfect place for these bizarre statements to be made. It’s like something out of Children of Men.

To be fair, it is nearly impossible to find any central location in any major city that is not surrounded by a filthy encampment of homeless drug addicts. That’s who we are. These are our values in a mail-in democracy.

This election is going to be extreme. They are not going to tell us the results of any of the elections that they are saying will be close. It seems unavoidable that they will have to allow Republicans to win some of those elections, but they will overturn others with their piles of mail-in ballots. Republicans have said they will not honor the results if they are fake results with these fake ballots. Then we are going to find out what it means that it is “unlawful” to question the results.

Right now in Brazil, people are refusing to tolerate their recent fake election, and it looks like there could be a total crisis.

Across the world, everything is coming to a head, and this Biden election hoax agenda comes right in the middle of it. If the Democrats try to do something insane like claim that John Fetterman won, it’s possible that you’re going to see crowds in the streets, Brazil-style, and it is possible that the government will take serious action to make an example of what happens to people who question the values of who we are in a democracy.