Brandon Now Promoting Freedom Over Democracy

Joe Brandon’s platform is looking better and better.

He’s now promoting freedom over democracy, claiming that to choose Donald Trump is to choose democracy instead of freedom.

I trust the body language he used when delivering the statement:

Personally, if someone offers me the choice between freedom and democracy, I am always going to choose freedom. Frankly, I’m very tired of being oppressed by democracy. I would much rather have my freedoms back than continue to be suffocated by democracy.

Trump is promoting abortion and wars for the Jews, i.e., democracy.

Brandon is going to need to elaborate on what kind of freedom he is offering, however. During his first four years, I’ve seen a lot of democracy and no freedom at all. In fact, he’s tried to make me gay against my will, something that Donald Trump never did to me.

However, Trump just sent his wife to tell me I have to have gay sex.

I’m not going to have gay sex. I don’t care which president is telling me to do it, nothing is getting shoved in my ass.

Seriously Though

Trump’s wife just did an “LGBT” fundraiser.

I’m not supporting this shit.


I’m not supporting gay shit.

I’m just not going to do it.

If you actually vote after 2020, you’re a retard anyway.

Who would vote in an election they know is fake other than a retard?

If you vote in a fake election for some gay telling you to do anal, you’re a gay retard.

Trump is literally spending huge amounts of time attacking anti-abortion activists.

Who is supporting this at this point?

I’m not supporting this.

I don’t see anyone supporting it, other than drooling moronic ZOGbots.

Ask Yourself

If Trump believes the 2020 election was fake, but for some reason no one can explain, thinks this one will be real, why is he changing his platform and promoting abortion and sodomy?

How does that make sense?

This is nonsense. Anyone thinking Trump the abortion lover and gay anal advocate is going to save them is going to get what they deserve. You’d be a lot better to flee the United States while you still have that option. At least get out of these cities.

America is not coming back. Not for a long time. The Jews are taking us to war.

And war…

(It’s always started by the Jews.)