Brazil: Bolsonaro Tells People to March and Show Their Support, Rumors Say He’s Planning a Coup

If Bolsonaro does what Trump refused to do and throws a revolution to overthrow the people trying to overthrow him, it will be the best thing that has ever happened on the earth, because it will be the first real pushback against this rising globalist order.

If he does a revolution and wins, everyone who believes in freedom can go to Brazil, and finally live in freedom.

He will throw out the entire virus hoax, which he does not believe in and has said he does not believe in, and probably do a bunch of other hardcore stuff once he’s not being throttled by the democracy Jews.


President Jair Bolsonaro has urged Brazilians to come out in force on Tuesday to show their support for his government. It’s shaping up to be an all-or-nothing gauge of his chances of re-election that has Brazil bracing for potential clashes.

Brazil’s banking and industry groups have issued calls for calm, as Supreme Court Justice Ricardo Lewandowski wrote a newspaper article pointing out that any action against the constitutional order by armed groups, civilian or military, constitutes a crime. The Senate president canceled his attendance at an event in Austria to monitor the demonstrations.

Bolsonaro sees Sept. 7 — Brazil’s Independence Day — as an opportunity to rally his base and demonstrate that he retains the backing of large numbers of voters, according to four people who have access to the president and his sons. It’s a chance to show that he’s not alone in tackling the country’s greatest challenges, the people said.

One of Bolsonaro’s family aides says the president’s goal is to prevent the further erosion of his base. Even as his approval rating hit a low of 20%, the Bolsonaro family believes he still has the core support that would allow him to make it through to a runoff against Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the former president who leads the polls for the 2022 ballot.

“Sept. 7 will be a milestone in the renewal of hope in Brazil because Bolsonaro is loved, followed and supported by the population,” Labor Minister Onyx Lorenzoni, one of the cabinet members closest to the president, said in an interview. “There is no president in the world nowadays more popular than him.”

Bolsonaro may be “unbreakable,” as Lorenzoni asserted, but his gamble could still backfire: a low turnout would be an embarrassment for the president at a time when his troubles have been multiplying. Inflation is soaring, support from the business and agribusiness lobbies is flagging, a water crisis has raised Brazilians’ energy bills, gas prices are through the roof, and a probe into his erratic handling of the pandemic continues to uncover nuggets of scandal.

Well, none of those problems are his fault – he didn’t want to do the virus hoax. He is the one guy who pushed back against it, and he was overruled. Now all these problems from the virus hoax are on him?

It’s the reverse reality!

So: he needs to do a counter-revolution against the people trying to remove him, and install himself as Supreme Leader and Defender of Freedom.

This could be the big one.

It’s probably not, actually – but it could be.

The Guardian:

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, and his allies could be preparing to mount a military coup in Brazil, according to an influential group of former presidents, prime ministers and leading public figures on the left.

An open letter claims rallies that Bolsonaro followers are staging on Tuesday represent a danger to democracy and amount to an insurrection modelled on Donald Trump supporters’ attack on the US Capitol on 6 January.

They assert the nationwide marches by Bolsonaro supporters against the supreme court and Congress, involving white supremacist groups, military police, and public officials at every level of government, are “stoking fears of a coup in the world’s third largest democracy”.

Signatories include José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the Spanish former prime minister, Yanis Varoufakis, the former Greek finance minister, Jeremy Corbyn, the former UK Labour leader, Fernando Lugo, the former Paraguayan president, Caroline Lucas, the British Green MP, and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, the Argentine Nobel laureate and human rights activist.

They point out that on 10 August, Bolsonaro “directed an unprecedented military parade through the capital city of Brasília, as his allies in Congress pushed sweeping reforms to the country’s electoral system that he says are critical before the presidential elections next year”.

The president himself said on 21 August that the marches were preparation for a “necessary countercoup” against Congress and the supreme court. His message claimed that Brazil’s “communist constitution” had taken away his power, and accused “the judiciary, the left, and a whole apparatus of hidden interests” of conspiring against him.

He’d better be planning a coup. Just imagine leading a country and saying “oh, okay, I will transfer power to the hordes of degenerates that will do the gay anal and the child tranny thing now if that’s the will of the sacred ballots.”

(You don’t have to imagine it, because Donald Trump already did that exact thing.)

Why would a leader who loves his people and his country abandon them just because some stupid pieces of paper tell him to?

Show us what you’re made of, Bolsonaro! It’s make-or-break time!