Brazil: Militias Burn Dozens of Buses After One of Their Leaders Dies in Police Raid

Holy based.

Why can’t we do a war in South America?

Isn’t there some Jewish angle on this?

A war in South America would be wayyyyyy more aesthetic than this Eastern Europe and desert bullshit.

The Guardian:

Rio de Janeiro’s state governor, Cláudio Castro, has vowed to strike back against organised crime after paramilitary gangsters launched an unprecedented assault on Rio’s public transport system, torching dozens of vehicles in what the politician called “terrorist acts”.

Criminals reportedly set fire to at least 36 buses, four lorries and a train on Monday, during what local media described as one of the biggest criminal attacks in Rio’s history.

This shit is so cool.

The attacks were reportedly a retaliation for the killing of a senior paramilitary leader called Matheus da Silva Rezende by police special forces. “He was known as ‘the Lord of War’,” Rio’s right-wing governor claimed at an emergency press conference on Monday evening as security forces and firefighters scrambled to respond to the wave of attacks across western Rio.


Matheus da Silva Rezende. Note the shirt. RIP, bro. You’re a king.

I love this news story so much.

The US needs to send troops to Brazil.

This shit would be so cool.

The eruption of violence – dramatic even for a state that has spent decades grappling with crime that claims thousands of lives each year – brought parts of Brazil’s most famous city to a standstill and forced at least 45 schools to close, affecting thousands of students.

The broadsheet O Globo declared “Rio under siege”. City Hall urged citizens to avoid the affected areas as a result of what the “high impact occurrence”.


“The westside is ablaze,” tweeted security specialist Cecília Olliveira, the founder of a violence-monitoring group called Fogo Cruzado.

Footage shared on social media showed dozens of passengers throwing themselves off one bus as criminals prepared to set fire to it and thick plumes of black smoke rising into the sky.



This is what we want to see on the news!

Except, we want to add – “dead American soldiers!”

The attacks reportedly took place in at least nine different areas – Cosmos, Campo Grande, Inhoaíba, Guaratiba, Madureira, Paciência, Santa Cruz, Sepetiba and Recreio dos Bandeirantes – where about one million people live.

Government officials and media reports attributed the violence to the widely feared milícias (militias) – politically connected mafia-style groups which have seized control of huge swaths of Rio over the past two decades.

Man, it really is every cool thing.

I mean, seriously, sit and think about it for a minute: in terms of modern violence aesthetics that you can see in the real world, is there anything cooler than civil-terrorist militias taking over huge swaths of Rio and then doing serious infrastructure attacks on the parts still controlled by the government?

Now, compare that to trench warfare in the fucking Donbass.

Not much of a comparison, is it?

And then, look at what’s on the agenda – another Middle East war!


I have this overwhelming sense of loathing towards the idea of yet another “Desert War.” It’s just – it’s deja vu all over again. We’ve been doing this shit since I was a teenager.

So, maybe this is the brain tumor talking, but I’d really like to see the US marines deploy in Brazil. The thing is, that would literally never happen, ever, because there is no Jewish angle.

Or, actually, I guess the leader of Brazil, Lula, supports Russia and China. Can we do something with that to get US Marines fighting militias and drug gangs on the streets of Rio?

I mean, I don’t know how much you guys know about this situation, I don’t really write much about it, but do you know what the official story of where these guys came from is?

Last year Fogo Cruzado claimed the militias – which began life as community self-defence groups formed by off-duty police officers and prison guards before morphing into murderous criminal mafias – now controlled an area almost the size of Birmingham, the UK’s second biggest city, where more than 1.7 million people live.

They started out as community patrols of police officers trying to protect people from drug violence, then became a paramilitary force enforcing order, then decided to just start grabbing territory and ruling it and preventing cops and any civil authorities from exercising control, within this massive, sprawling Latin American city.

A lot of it is related to accusations that the cops are in league with the drug gangs.

Militias now control about half of Rio.

100,000% more of this, please

There are also drug gangs that fight with both the militias and the cops.

You can’t think of anything more awesome going on in terms of violence in the world right now.

This is peak violence optics.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.