Breitbart Goyim Cheer Piles of Dead Babies

Your standard Breitbart reader checking the latest death toll

I hadn’t really thought about Breitbart, but I just thought about it right now while on a filler quest, and went and looked. It’s what you’d expect. Drinking blood, calling for more dead children.

Maybe they’re bots.

Insofar as they’re real people: the Jews are going to do the same thing to them they’re doing to Palestine, but these people will deserve it.

There is no reason to support Israel. Americans get absolutely nothing. But the Jews operate in America and are able to convince people that they will get a real feeling of power if they “stand with Israel.”

That’s what Christian Zionism was. It was satanism. All these people claiming to be Christians endorsing invading the Middle East to slaughter people for Jews.

Then these pigs wondered why there was so much Moslem immigration. “Where are all these people coming from????”

They were very proud of their sons who got their limbs blown off because they thought if they went to war when they got back they’d be swimming in pussy.

You’re not gonna be swimming in anything with no legs, retard.