California Mom Stabs 2 Pit Bulls to Death After They Attack 1-Year-Old Daughter

This should be the new defense of the Pit Bull Internet Defense Force: “well, if they try to eat your kids, you can just stab them to death.”

New York Post:

A California mother fatally stabbed her family’s pit bulls after the dogs attacked her one-year-old daughter and other family members on Sunday night, a report said.

The two dogs attacked the toddler when she started crying at the family’s home in Pico Rivera, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told KABC.

The girl suffered a fractured hip and bites to her left leg, shoulder and ear, before the dogs attacked her mother as she tried to stop the attack. The mother was bit on her lip and face near her eye, cops said.

The dogs had been raised by the family since they were puppies, and were around three and a half years old, KABC reported.

Anyway, it’s nice to see humans finally taking a stand against their children being eaten by these dogs.

There’s not much sympathy because the family owned the dogs in the first place.

But it looks like it was a Mexican family, probably a single mother where a boyfriend had bought the dogs as puppies and then left them there. The women probably weren’t even aware of the dog breed.

Looking forward to a new wave of pit genocide activism taking place on Free Twitter. Remember that? I think Wild Goose was the mastermind and architect of the final solution to the pit problem. He had a free and open source plan to completely genocide these evil creatures.