Canada: Army Facing Massive Personnel Shortages After Vax Mandates, Retarded Diversity Campaigns



Alas, no one could have predicted something like this.

Life Site News:

Canadian officials have admitted that the nation’s military is shrinking to dangerously low numbers.

On November 1, Defence Minister Bill Blair revealed that more soldiers are leaving the Canadian Armed Forces than can be replaced by recruits, a trend which started after COVID vaccines were mandated for all military members, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

“There is a real challenge in the Canadian Armed Forces,” Blair said in Senate Question Period. “Over the last three years we’ve actually seen greater attrition, more people leaving the Forces than the Canadian Armed Forces has been able to recruit.”

“I think that may be the greatest challenge I face as the new defence minister, to do everything I can to support the Armed Forces in their efforts to recruit the talent we need and just as importantly to retain the excellent people they already have,” he added. “I have asked them to look very carefully at some of the impediments to recruitment and how long things have taken.”

Last December, the military launched a new recruitment program which would accept landed immigrants into the military and in return their citizenship applications would be sped up; however, Blair admitted that the program has not resulted in sufficient recruitment numbers.

“Let’s actively recruit foreigners into our army,” said every leader of every dying civilization ever

“What we have not yet seen is a commensurate increase in the number of people,” said Blair. “Almost 12,000 people indicated an interest. We need to move faster in our recruitment and onboarding processes.”

Blair revealed that his biggest concern lies not in recruitment but in retaining military members who are now leaving the army in droves.

“My concern is not only for recruitment, because we have to get the best talent coming in the door, but I am also concerned about retention because we have extraordinary men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces,” he emplaned. “I want to make sure we provide them with the appropriate support.”

A Canadian Armed Forces member who spoke to LifeSiteNews under the condition of anonymity revealed that there is no “one root cause” of the army’s decreasing numbers but rather a number of factors which have caused military members to lose trust. He added that COVID vaccine mandates were likely the tipping point which put soldiers over the edge.

He explained that the military lost hundreds of soldiers for “no good reason” over COVID vaccine mandates. The military member further revealed that the military had no deaths from COVID despite working at the front lines in nursing homes.

“And when you think of those hundreds and hundreds of people, you have to think in the corporate knowledge we lost, the trainers, the institutional knowledge, the corporate knowledge,” the source lamented. “We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of years of collective corporate knowledge has gone in months.”

He further explained that the military “rewrote the rulebook” when it came to COVID vaccines, allowing for very few religious exemptions and forcing the novel jabs on all members.

He revealed that while army veterans have “given 20 years of their lives to the military,” “served in combat,” and have “a chest for medals,” the Canadians military considers them “a piece of garbage overnight because you refuse it [COVID vaccine].”

“People have seen the system,” he added. “When they want something, the rules go out the window and then they bring out a whole new draconian set of rules and get what they want.”

According to the military member, another reason for many leaving the military is “radical agendas that are being pushed left, right, and center.”

“And it’s not stopping with the gender ideology, it’s going to include medical assistance in dying,” he added. “There’s something fundamentally changing. And for most people, it doesn’t sit well with them.”

Yeah, you really should respect people who sign up to die for the country.

I mean, I don’t respect them at all, but I think the government that is hiring them should have respect for them.