Brandon Says Hamas Hostage Deal Coming Soon for Sure

Although the Jewish media has built a narrative that it is possible for Israel to simply waltz into Gaza and take the place over, the level of fighting that is happening, while Israel remains on the outskirts of Gaza City, disproves this theory.

The other part of the thing is that the hostages are all in the tunnels, which means that right now, destroying the tunnels would mean killing all the hostages. Israel claims that part of their military operation is about freeing hostages, and that is in fact actually impossible. There is no way to free hostages with the military, and if the Jews actually did totally defeat Hamas (which is impossible, at least based on their current level operations), every hostage would die in the process.

Presumably, Netanyahu doesn’t care about the hostages, as his supporters would prefer dead Arabs to live Jews. However, right now he is looking at military defeat plus no hostages freed.

Also, the US wants the hostages freed.


US President Joe Biden has expressed confidence that an agreement to free the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza will soon be completed amid the militant group’s ongoing war with Israel.

“I’ve been talking with the people involved every single day,” Biden told reporters on Tuesday at the White House. “I believe it’s going to happen, but I don’t want to get into detail.” When asked what message he has for families of the hostages, he replied, “Hang in there. We’re coming.”

Wait, what?

Who’s coming?

The Marines???

(I don’t think he meant that. But it’s so bizarre that we have this senile man who can’t make a public statement with any degree of clarity whatsoever.)

Biden offered no timeline for an agreement on the Hamas captives, nor did he comment on the potential scope of a hostage release. A senior US official appeared to walk back his statement, telling CNN that the negotiations remained volatile and could break down. “It’s closer, but it’s not done,” the unidentified insider said.

The Israeli government has estimated that around 240 hostages are still being held in Gaza more than a month after the October 7 Hamas attacks that ignited the region’s latest war. Fighters from the militant group, which maintains de facto rule in Gaza, killed an estimated 1,200 people, before claiming to have taken enough hostages to secure the release of all Palestinians held in Israeli jails.

Yeah, but…

They’re not going to do a hostage deal while Israel is invading them. Maybe there are some specific dudes Israel has that they want out, but they’re not going to free everyone, or they would have no leverage and Israel would definitely then flood or gas the tunnel system.

Hostages aside, it’s not really obvious what the Jews are aiming for here.

If they were actually planning on “taking Gaza City” and “defeating Hamas,” they would need a fighting force much different than the one they currently have deployed. This fighting force is capable of shelling hospitals full of refugees near the beach where it landed, but that’s probably about it.

Hamas is still firing missiles every day. Hamas is killing IDF soldiers. Hamas is blowing up tanks.

Israel continues to murder children.