Canada: Large Scale Protests Against Child Trannies – Trannies Lash Out!

So, uhhhh.

Most of these protesters seem to be Moslems.

I don’t know what “Canadian anti-child tranny persons” actually even believe. I don’t think they’re Christians. If they are, they’re some spineless protestants of some stripe.

The main thing seems to be: “Oh come on, please, just don’t cut my son’s dick off – come on, I’m begging you, please.”

The Moslems are like: “By Allah, my son’s dick shall remain attached!”

Fox News:

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in cities across Canada on Wednesday as a conservative movement against “gender ideology” in schools was confronted by pro-LGBTQ+ protesters.

The nationwide peaceful protests, organized under the banner “1 Million March for Children,” stretched from Vancouver to Ottawa. A website that promoted the protest said its mission was to advocate “for the elimination of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) curriculum, pronouns, gender ideology and mixed bathrooms in schools.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the marches, posting on X, “Transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia have no place in this country. We strongly condemn this hate and its manifestations, and we stand united in support of 2SLGBTQI+ Canadians across the country — you are valid and you are valued.”

This “hatred” bullshit is so exhausted.

It’s a very, very lame narrative that anyone should be able to easily crush. But white people are just spineless cowards.

At demonstrations in many cities, people held signs declaring, “Leave our Kids Alone!” and “Stop Gender Ideology,” while counterprotesters declared “Protect Trans Kids.”

“Trans people – they exist in society, and they deserve inclusion, just like everyone else,” activist Celeste Trianon told Canadian outlet CTV News. Trianon led a counter demonstration in Montreal, where police reportedly placed themselves between the competing demonstrations outside the offices of Premier Francois Legault.

“We need to talk to people, teach them the right vocabulary, the proper words, at an age-appropriate time, in order to explain that inclusion is a good thing. We need to make sure that their trans and queer peers at school feel welcome,” Trianon said.

Nathan McMillan, a protester in Toronto, told CBC News he was demonstrating to “support children and the importance to maintain their innocence,” expressing his concern that gender-identity content is not age-appropriate for young school children.

Yeah, great.

“Trannies are fine and all, but what about not doing this until they’re a little bit older?”


“There’s a lot of political rhetoric going on right now about what’s happening in our schools,” he said. “I think it’s important that we keep kids out of these important discussions that really are between parents and their children. Teachers and institutions, unions, big money, they shouldn’t be having these types of conversations with kids in such an overt fashion.”

The debate in Canada mirrors controversies in the United States between school boards and parents over content permitted in the classroom.

The protests in Canada proceeded mostly peacefully, though Ottawa police said five people were arrested on Wednesday. “Three arrests were made for public incitement of hatred, one for assault, and one for obstructing police,” police said.

They don’t say who was arrested.

The videos are sort of hilarious.

I don’t think there is any political will to stop trannies, other than with the Moslems.

And there aren’t really enough Moslems.

Maybe there are in Canada – no one is forthcoming with those numbers. But there clearly are not enough Moslems in the US.

“White people” used to mean “Christians.” Of course, we spread Christianity to the colonies, and that’s great, but when we say “white,” what we are referring to is “those descending from the territories of historical Christendom.” That’s why Southern Italians and Southern Spaniards, even though they are more or less genetically indistinguishable from North Africans, are “white.”

But white people have abandoned their religion. They just gave up on it. There are differing degrees of “giving up.” Some people say they are “atheists” while others are nominally still Christian, but don’t understand or promote Christian values.

This appears to be changing among the youth and others. We are seeing a return to traditional forms of Christianity.

But still.

Most white people are saying “trannies are okay, I have no problem with trannies – I just don’t want you turning my kids into one.”

That position is not viable. If you accept that trannies are real, then you are committing child abuse by preventing children from becoming trannies. The official tranny-believer position is that trannies kill themselves so often because they don’t “pass.” If kids start the hormone cycles before they go through puberty, they will pass (and actually, trannies will be more attractive than women – which is a whole other issue).

If you’re not willing to say “trannies don’t exist and no one has a right to be a tranny,” then you lose automatically, and there is really no reason to go out and protest.

I don’t know how this is complicated, but again, these people have rejected God, so obvious truths are apparently confusing to them.