1999: Howard Stern Says Columbine Shooters Should Have Raped Girls During Mass Shooting

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It seems that the Daily Stormer’s lowest levels of professionalism are associated with its highest levels of appreciation. The lower the professionalism, the more personal the scene becomes, the more of my soul is presented. And it seems I am appreciated.

Today’s theme is, yet again: looming death.

All life exists in the shadow of looming death. Therefore, all life is obsessed with reproduction. The plants are doing it. That bitch you are in love with, who you dream about, who your heart cries out for – those emotions are no more meaningful than a tree sucking sunlight for energy used to create seeds.

The only higher purpose of man comes from his understanding of good and evil, and his ability to see goodness in truth, beauty, and justice, and his struggle to promote these three divine manifestations. Outside of that, our lives are no more relevant than those of animals, insects, or weeds.

Looming death makes the sexual compulsion feel like a crisis at all times in the mind of a young man. The processes are hidden in chemical processes in his brain that he is unaware of. If he could feel the chemicals being produced in his testes flowing into his blood stream and pumping into his brain, the romantic impulse would produce loathing and potentially lead to suicide and/or mass murder. If you heard your pituitary gland beep like a black person’s smoke alarm battery alert, the emptiness of your sexualism would obliterate your sense of self.

It’s a good thing we’re not aware of these things. It’s a good thing that a man is capable of caring for a creature so vile as a woman. The children come, and he sees himself in them, and looming death no longer feels menacing, but instead, there is comfort in knowing that none of this will last very long. The blood will cease to pump, the synapses will cease to fire, the body will rot. The children will mourn, the children will reproduce.

An admission: I can hear my pituitary gland beeping like a nigger’s smoke alarm. I have not been provoked to suicide or mass murder, but I realize that others would be. Most men would be. Most men put so much into their sexuality, to be aware of the inanity of it would make them berserk. I’ve observed other men. I’ve observed myself.

All human work toward creation and destruction – all of man’s violence – comes from the exploitation of the sex drive of the man by those consciously aware of the inanity of it. If life was eternal, or if reproduction impossible, living things would not move at all, let alone be provoked to greatness.

Some of these men who stand on the outside looking in (or perhaps the reverse) are aware of the importance of truth, justice, and beauty, and that these things stretch outside of the material realm. We should hope they are aware, because otherwise a lot of people die for no reason, and it’s really just a big mess.

Photosynthesis is hard work. It must be exhausting. I could never do it. But plants do it because they need to create seeds. (I’ve consistently advocated that photosynthesis be recognized as difficult work, which deserves respect. If we had a true democracy, trees would be able to vote against these measures to restrict CO2, a thinly-veiled anti-tree agenda.)

The sex and the violence is very funny, because it is so absurd. A chemical process, which is very easy to manipulate through pharmaceuticals and other artificial compounds by the way, drives the world, drives all of these delusions of purpose that the average person has, and it is so easily manipulated.

Dionysus invented tragedy because he thought it was funny. It was the only thing that could prevent the satyrs from jacking off all day. The satyrs were fascinated by it, because they understood it was a complex form of masturbation. Of course, the satyrs also believed that all sex was masturbation, which is something I disavow. These creatures will have sex with goats and pigs, so we should certainly not take all of their opinions at face value. But their understanding of tragedy as “masturbation with more steps” is clearly accurate. Tragedy is driven by male sexuality, and it is not beneficial to the reproductive act, and therefore it is masturbation. It must be masturbation. It’s like Morrissey said: “It’s lust for no reason, lust for no reason, and lust for no reason is masturbation.” At least, I recall that he said that. I could be mis-remembering.

The conservatives recently posted a clip from 1999 of Howard Stern asking why the Columbine shooters didn’t rape any of the girls while they were doing their mass shooting.

The conservatives were of course making the point that this is very edgy, and that there was no problem with these edgy statements being made in 1999, and that we are now so puritanical that no one is allowed to say anything that violates the arbitrary social norms established by lunatic Jewish university professors in consultation with demons in gay laboratories on these various campuses.

Unfortunately, these comments are very funny. “If you’re already killing a bunch of people and you’re going to die anyway why wouldn’t you at least rape some of these girls?” Anyone who doesn’t think that is funny, and instead wants to whine about decorum, is suspicious and probably very dangerous. It’s like Yogi Berra said: “If someone is waving a bloody shirt at you, put it on.” (I think he said that.)

The joke is that a mass shooting, like all violence men do, is a result of the testosterone flow, and surely, it is not reproductively beneficial. This is the human problem, it is the tragedy, it is the masturbation: failure to reproduce.

The tragedy is unavoidable, apparently. I mean, we’ve observed that it is unavoidable. Mitigation efforts should be implemented. The satyrs may not want mitigation implemented, but even if it is implemented, the tragedy exists, and no human life is lived unmolested by the tragedy. So we ask: can there be beauty in the tragedy? Can the tragedy be truthful? Can the tragedy be resolved in a way that is just? The answer, we know, is “yes, of course.”

However: there is no redeeming purpose, no glimpse of the divine, in our tragedy. The tragedy of America, the tragedy of the West, is that it is banal and exhausting. Utterly devoid of meaning. It is like a mass shooting where you don’t even bother to rape any of the girls.

Pain, suffering, guilt, regret, dread, self-loathing – none of us can avoid it. Women can avoid most of it. But we men cannot. Whether engaging in the tragedy as a result of your botched reproductive drives, or observing it, the darkness inside always threatens to consume you. On the day we die alone, we hope to see a light that banishes the darkness, but we won’t know it until we see it. But our struggle must have some higher meaning. It must.

If not, why bother?

The game here is very clear: we are being told to avoid tragedy, and that itself becomes a tragedy, but one without meaning. We must accept that tragedy is inevitable, and the worst tragedy comes from the attempt to avoid tragedy.

To summarize: happiness is a lie, and it is the worst lie of all. You will not find happiness here, and looking for it will definitely result in being snuffed out.