Jew US Ambassador to Canada Says “Five Eyes” (CIA) Behind Accusation That India Assassinated Sikh Leader

The Canadian Parliament is officially considering changing the name “Canada” (which is an insult to two-spirit first nation peoples) to “Mr. Trudeau’s Wild Ride.”

Oh, wow? America was behind this the whole time?

That’s really shocking to hear, that the US government would be puppeteering the Canadian government in this way.

I never would have expected something like that was going in, because of our values of who we are in a democracy.

This is a real “so is you be saying?” moment for me, learning that Canadian foreign policy is being dictated by the CIA.


Intelligence gained by the “Five Eyes” network led to Canada’s public accusation that the Indian government may have played a role in the assassination of a Sikh separatist activist on Canadian soil, the US Ambassador to Canada said Sunday.

I’m “confirming that there was shared intelligence among Five Eyes partners that helped lead Canada to making the statements that the prime minister made,” US Ambassador to Canada, David Cohen, told CTV’s Question Period with Vassy Kapelos in a Sunday interview.

Wow, he’s also Jewish?

This is really a revelation.

Five Eyes is an intelligence sharing pact between the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, though the ambassador would not confirm if that shared intelligence came from the US. “I’m not. I wouldn’t in any circumstance,” Cohen said.

Relations between India and Canada plummeted last week after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said authorities had been investigating “credible allegations” that New Delhi was potentially behind the June killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Sikh separatist activist, who was gunned down by two masked men in Surrey, British Columbia.

India has vehemently denied the claims, calling them “absurd and motivated.” India’s foreign ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said Canada has provided “no specific information” to support the allegations.

Both nations have expelled senior diplomats in reciprocal moves, raising the prospect of an awkward rift between key partners of the US.

The spat then escalated further last week when India suspended visa services for Canadian citizens over what it said were “security threats” against diplomats in Canada.

And it will escalate still further! Much further, perhaps!

You don’t need five eyes to see what’s happening here. It’s very obvious to everyone with two eyes (or even a single eye) that the US is upset with the Indian position on Russia-Ukraine, their membership in BRICS and the SCO, and that this anger towards the Indians came to a head after the G-20, when India was very opposed to the aggressive denouncement of Russia that America wanted.

So many things are very obvious to me that do not seem obvious to the leaders of the world, somehow. In this case, it’s obvious to me that India is not going to go against their own interests under this current government. Secondly, attempts to threaten or bully them into that are going to backfire.

As far as the assassination – every Western nation does assassinations on foreign soil, so it’s not really that big of a deal. If India actually did this, the appropriate thing would be for the foreign ministry of Canada to contact his counterpart in India, privately, and say “hey, we think you did this and we don’t want this happening.” In the most extreme case, Trudeau would personally call Modi. There is no possible situation where it would ever make sense for the leader of a country to go out and publicly accuse a nation that is ostensibly still a major ally of something like this in public. That is something that, on its face, is a totally outrageous act.

The fact that it is so very strange to go out and make this kind of public accusation brings the whole story into doubt, and I’m left believing that India had nothing to do with the killing, and it was instead organized by the CIA as a false flag.

It was an assassination, no one was arrested. Most states could pull that off, and if the intelligence is enough to result in a public accusation, then we should have some names, some CCTV videos from the area, then the entire record of the assassins leaving Canada and heading back to India (or wherever).

I don’t think that the response to the Jamal Khashoggi killing was in any way appropriate, but in that case, I think it’s fair to say that someone in Saudi Arabia did order the killing. And in that case, the West (with Turkey’s assistance) released CCTV video of him entering the Saudi embassy in Turkey where he was killed, then video of the truck with his body leaving the embassy, then identified the escape route of the killers. They presented a whole public case, alongside the accusation.

Even in the 2018 Skripal Affair (the poisoning of a Russian traitor and his wife in the UK), and before that with the supposed assassination (through radiation exposure) of Alexander Litvinenko in 2006, the UK presented a narrative with evidence (though both those cases might also have been false flags).

Only real OG Russia shills remember this nigga. He was the original “I can’t breaf” nigga. I’ve advised the Litvinenko family to sue George Floyd’s estate over stealing his catchphrase.

There is a history of the US/UK/West accusing its enemies of assassinations in their countries, and there is always a case made. It’s possible that Canada is planning to come out with evidence later (which won’t necessarily mean anything), but to start not with news articles on the subject, but with an official public denouncement in Parliament by the Prime Minister, is a very extreme act that we’ve not seen.

There’s some comparison to be made here with the Russell Brand Affair. In that case, it was this speed run public assassination, where they moved very rapidly from a newspaper article to the UK government demanding tech companies cut all his funding. It’s a sloppy, rapid version of the typical character assassination playbook. This India accusation seems sloppy. I think it is clearly very sloppy for the US ambassador to come out and effectively say “oh yes, Trudeau was just acting on orders of the CIA.”

It seems very obvious, as an observer, that rather than India responding by saying “oh, okay – we don’t want any trouble, we’ll go along with your program, Uncle Sam,” that India is much more likely to be on the phone with China saying “alright, let’s try and work through these issues we’ve got – we might not like each other, but clearly, we don’t have any choice but to work together.”

That seems like the opposite outcome that the US would want here. It appears that they believe these kinds of bullying tactics will work, and it’s just very strange that they would think that. Again, we see this kind of “suicidal hubris” from the American state.

There’s this whole “carrot and stick” concept, where you have both offers of aid and threats in your bag of diplomacy. The US no longer appears to have any carrots. The American state has become utterly belligerent, doing nothing but threatening people all over the world.

You look at the status of their allies, and it is not good. The US committed the biggest act of state sabotage in history against the Germans with the bombing of Nord Stream, they’ve totally decimated the Ukraine, halving their population with a war that has nothing to do with the people of the Ukraine, and they recently hung Armenia out to dry after Armenia abandoned their relationship with Russia to join their team. The Philippines is effectively a slave, being told that their opinions don’t matter, and they will go to war with China if they’re told to do so. The entire economy of Europe is being sunk to varying degrees. Poland is constantly being told they will have to accept gay sex and mass immigration. And in the midst of this, there aren’t really any benefits being offered. The US provides “security” for Europe, but the only reason they need this security is because of their alliance with the US. They did not provide security to the Ukraine or Armenia.

In the case of Armenia, it was sort of obvious, from a US perspective, that they should have said “okay, so Armenia had this revolution in 2018, now they’re on our side, so we’re going to go in and work out some kind of deal between Armenia and the Azeris.” But nope.

The US is “the mad brute.”

Historically, cruelty and brutality are not viable ways to maintain power.