CBP Says Only 125,000+ Unvetted Migrants Released Into San Diego in Past Six Months

These are not the real numbers.

New York Post:

A “minimum” of 125,000 migrants have been released from detention “without proper vetting” onto the streets of San Diego in just six months, according to a county leader.

San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond told The Post how Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents are “completely overwhelmed” by the surge of border crossings in Southern California — which he warns will have “dire consequences” for the rest of the country.

“Over 125,000 migrants have been dropped in San Diego County since September 2023,” he told The Post, citing figures he says were provided to his office by CBP.

That’s just the minimum we know about and doesn’t include families, boat arrivals, or elderly people who are processed differently.

The numbers have gone through the roof.”

According to Desmond, migrants are “just walking across the border unimpeded and no one is stopping them” because of a lack of resources.

Yes, they are just walking across.

No one is even counting them, so how are they able to give this number?

The total number of people who have crossed in the Biden era is over 10 million.

It could be way over 10 million.

No one knows.

There are zero mechanisms to track it. They are also not investigating any of these people, many of whom are not even Latin American, but from all over the world.

You’d think with the United States starting all these wars with the Moslems, they would be concerned about Moslems coming into America. But no. They don’t care at all.