Israel Announces Expansion of Ground Operation to All of Gaza, Bombs Refugee Camp

I said they would do this, but don’t give me too much credit, because it was very obvious.

The reason they agreed to the ceasefire in the first place is that the war was a disaster. Eventually, they would be able to conquer Gaza City, because they have unlimited resources, but how long would it take?

This is the map:

They admit that map is basically meaningless, as Hamas can pop up from tunnels anywhere in the blue zones. The moronic Jews bombed like half the buildings in the city, so they can’t ever really find and close the tunnels. If the tunnels were just in the basements of houses, they could close them, but when they’re buried in rubble, they can’t be found. Hamas dudes are just jumping up out of rubble and blasting and ducking.

It’s going much worse than the Second Battle of Fallujah, which only took six weeks.

So now they’re just going back to killing people randomly with no military objective.

They released this grid:

They’re announcing where they’re bombing through a cellphone app and telling people to run back and forth across the grid.

It’s like that game “Battleship.”

It’s sort of hilarious.

Like it’s Squid Game or something. But there’s no prize.

It’s just… it’s wild that they’ve invented a death game, turning bombing civilians into like a Nickelodeon game show.

The funniest thing would be if sometimes instead of dropping a bomb they dropped Gak.

But sometimes the bomb drops and it’s just Gak and the Palestinian toddlers are like “oh good, it’s just Gak” – and then the Jews follow it up with real bombs.

They should have speakers that blast “SIKE OUT!”

Seriously, if this is a game show of death now, people should be able to place bets. Give the toddlers jerseys with numbers and let us bet on how many times they will avoid getting bombed by jumping from place to place on the grid.

The Guardian:

Israel continued with its intense bombing campaign across the north and south of Gaza for a third day since the end of the truce with Hamas, killing hundreds of Palestinians in a 24-hour period, according to local officials.

On Sunday night, the Israeli military also said it has expanded its ground operation to all of Gaza. “The IDF [Israel Defense Forces] continues to extend its ground operation against Hamas centres in all of the Gaza Strip,” spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari told reporters in Tel Aviv. “The forces are coming face-to-face with terrorists and killing them.”

Earlier the Jabaliya refugee camp in the north was hit, with initial reports saying tens of people were killed and at least one residential block destroyed. Video footage showed people searching for bodies under the rubble.

About 300 people were reported to be sheltering in the vicinity of the latest strike, in a camp area that has been targeted repeatedly by Israel over the past month. It was not possible to verify exact casualty numbers.

Heavy bombing was also reported in the southern city of Khan Younis, increasingly the focus of Israeli attacks, while its military demanded further evacuation of civilians from areas of the city, telling them to head south to Rafah or to the west. On Sunday night there were reports of clashes between Hamas and Israeli troops a mile from the city.

Ismael al-Thawabteh, the director general of the government media office in Gaza, told Al Jazeera that more than 700 Palestinians had been killed in a 24-hour period to noon. The health ministry in Hamas-run Gaza said later that 15,523 Palestinians had been killed since the start of the war, including 316 dead and 664 wounded “in the past hours”.

An estimated 1.8 million people are internally displaced, up from a previous figure of 1.7 million, according to UN’s OCHA humanitarian agency. Images showed Palestinians trying to leave parts of Khan Younis in line with Israeli demands to evacuate.

Filippo Grandi, the UN high commissioner for refugees, told the BBC that Palestinians in Gaza were being “pushed more and more towards a narrow corner of what is already a very narrow territory” by Israeli’s renewed offensive.

UNRWA, the UN’s relief agency for Palestinian refugees, said Palestinians in Gaza were at risk of death from infectious diseases as sanitation comes under pressure. There was a hepatitis A outbreak at a school run by the agency, said Thomas White, its director in Gaza.

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, speaking at a press conference in Dubai, said he believed Israel risked unleashing a decade-long war.

What is the total destruction of Hamas, and does anyone think it’s possible? If it is, the war will last 10 years,” Macron said on Saturday. “I think we’re at a point where the Israeli authorities are going to have to define their objective and desired end state more precisely.”

Yeah. See? How obvious. Everyone knew this. Hamas has tunnels.

Ten years is an exaggeration, obviously. Because the US controls the global economy, the Jews have unlimited resources. Hamas does not. So, eventually, Israel would necessarily win. But it could take well over a year.

I don’t think it’s a goal anymore. Now they’re just trying to kill as many people as possible in the hopes that the survivors will leave the country as soon as they get the chance. They’re going to move them to white countries, of course. I think we need a map of conservative Zionism supporters so we can put the Palestinian refugees next to them. They’re the ones making this possible.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.