Jews Say They’re the Best at Avoiding Civilian Deaths!

When I think of people who are very peaceful and kind, the first thing I think of is the Jews.

Jews are the number one group that doesn’t kill a lot of innocent people for no reason.

Jews are such good and moral people, it really makes you sick.

If I feel like vomiting at the thought of how good and moral the Jews are, I open up the New York Post.

New York Post:

With Israel and Hamas returning to arms Friday after the terror group ended a weeklong pause in the fighting across the Gaza Strip, the Jewish state is again under international pressure to halt its war to eliminate the jihadists who brutally slaughtered more than 1,200 people — including 33 Americans — on Oct. 7.

But how, exactly, can the Israel Defense Forces avoid harming civilians when its enemy hides behind innocents, directing its operations from the most sacred of safe spaces – including hospitals – in violation of the international rules of war?

“[Hamas’] M.O. is deliberately to use the civilian realm for their own human shield protection in the most cynical ways,” IDF Lt. Col. Amnon Shefler told reporters at the Israeli embassy in Washington this week.

Despite accusations that Israel’s forces have caused the deaths of thousands of Gazans in the nearly two-month-old war, Shefler said the IDF is “the leading military in the world” at fighting in dense, urban environments while minimizing civilian casualties.

“For years, we’ve been building capabilities, first out of necessity, and on top of that, because that’s what we believe in,” he said. “That in fighting these kinds of complicated battles, we need to find the best ways to stand up for morals and to our values, and also to the Law of Armed Conflict.”

The problem, however, is that when only one side abides by international conflict standards – or cares about saving civilian lives at all – the law itself can become a handicap.

“It was probably written in many ways [to support moral fighting], but it was not written to deal with these kinds of circumstances – dealing with terrorist organizations,” Shefler said. “That’s why we’re finding ourselves in a very, very complicated space of a war zone with a deeply embedded terrorist organization within all this [civilian] infrastructure and underneath the ground.”

The terror group’s war-crime strategy makes it nearly impossible for Israel to defend itself without more casualties. But that doesn’t mean they don’t try to avert losses.

“How does one deal with a terrorist infrastructure that is underneath the hospital? We can strike it from the air, but of course that has its implications – and that’s why we chose not to do it,” Shefler said.

The military leader also detailed multiple other creative strategies the IDF uses to mitigate harm to Gazans – from technology use to more rudimentary tactics – putting its own soldiers at greater risk to do so.

For example, the IDF has sent ground forces to clear Hamas hubs hidden in civilian infrastructure and below ground – a strategy the Israeli military has learned as a best practice from previous clashes.

“For many years, we have been building our special forces to be able to carry out these kinds of missions based on very accurate intelligence,” he said. “Going to very, very specific areas to find those arms, those infrastructure that need to be dismantled, sending in these units with Arabic speakers, with medical teams, and that’s how we were able [mitigate harm,]” he added.

The IDF is also open to learning from others’ experiences – and mistakes. For example, Shefler said Israeli leaders have daily contact with the US military, which has been offering advice on close-quarters fighting in urban environments learned from its 20 years fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Israel has also used information sharing as a tactic in culling unintended deaths. In the war’s early days, the IDF used pamphlets to urge civilians to move south to safety ahead of its intended strikes on Hamas in north Gaza.

Yeah, and then they literally bombed the places they told them to flee to.


Jews are incredible.

No one has ever done this before, and the Jews just act like it’s nothing.