Smart Mom Under Fire for Refusing to Return Shopping Cart

A white 3-year-old just got stabbed by a black woman in a grocery store parking lot.

We are not living in a civilized country like Japan where you can just leave your kids alone for a few minutes without worrying about it.

There is nothing but crime in this shithole country, and under no circumstances should women be leaving their kids alone. In fact, it’s questionable if women should even be going to grocery stores at all in certain areas.

Leftists just want to pretend that this crime situation is not completely out of control, because obviously they and their lunatic pro-black programs are responsible for it.

New York Post:

A California mom who went viral for her rant about grocery store shopping carts was invited to make her point for viewers on KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News on Saturday, reaffirming her controversial stance that returning buggies isn’t worth her time.

“I’m not returning my shopping cart, and you can judge me all you want,” said Leslie Dobson, a Los Angeles-based psychologist, in a May 29 post on TikTok, which has earned nearly 12 million views. “I’m not getting my groceries into my car and getting my children into the car and then leaving them in the car.”

“So, if you’re going to give me a dirty look, f*** off,” Dobson concluded in her 17-second message, ostensibly recorded from the driver’s seat of her car while parked after a supermarket run.

Leslie Dobson

In a follow-up video published May 31, she doubled down on her hot take, claiming that 265 children were abducted from parking lots last year with half also being sexually assaulted. Her data appeared to be lifted from research by the nonprofit Kids and Car Safety, referring to the number of kids who happen to be in the car during attempted vehicle thefts.

Many viewers weren’t sympathetic to Dobson’s logic. “Somehow all of us other moms manage to return the cart,” one rebuked.

Maybe all the liberal moms live in high security areas that have off-duty cops guarding the Whole Foods parking lots.

Most normal people don’t have that option.

Most normal people are struggling with money and have to go to normal grocery stores in normal neighborhoods.

See: Ohio: Black Woman Stabs 3-Year-Old White Kid to Death in Random Attack

That happened in Ohio, in a place anyone could have said was “safe.”