Children are Being Taught by Computers and They All Need to Die, Naked Woman Reveals

It sounds to me like there is going to need to be an investigation of what exactly these computers are up to in our schools.

They absolutely should not be teaching children that all children needed to die.

New York Post:

An Indiana woman kidnapped an eight-year-old old girl from a playground, dropped the child off at her home with her confused husband and then ran down the street naked, authorities said.

Brittany Hurtt, 34, allegedly clashed with Austin police when she was arrested Monday, railing that children “were being taught by the computers and all the children needed to die” as she was taken for a medical examination, according to court records.

Hurtt had allegedly tried to abduct another child before the kidnapping, with the would-be victim later telling authorities Hurrt grabbed her wrist and said, “Let’s start a family.”

Brittany Hurtt, 34.

Police were notified that a woman had climbed over a fence and abducted an eight-year-old girl from an elementary school playground and fled in her car, WXIN-TV reported, citing an arrest affidavit.

Hurtt’s husband later flagged down officers and told them his wife had come home with an unknown child in the passenger seat and then proceeded to undress and run down the street, according to authorities.

The child was quickly returned to the school, and an officer pursued Hurtt, who was “running in the street nude carrying two white trash bags.”

Hurtt struck an officer’s vehicle and tried to “yank the door open” before officers handcuffed her and struggled to get her into the police car as she resisted, according to court records.

Once in the vehicle, Hurtt is said to have started “kicking the back windows” while screaming and refused to put on clothes that had been brought by her husband.

Officers tried to put Hurtt on a gurney so she could be taken to an emergency room for evaluation. At that point, she allegedly kicked an officer in the hand and was “making statements about how the children were being taught by the computers and all the children needed to die.”

You can attack the messenger all you want, but here’s the question: is what she is saying true?

Computers have total control over our children, and I don’t think any adult has been paying too much attention to what they’re being taught by these machines.

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