China: Homosexuality Can be Labeled “Psychological Disorder,” Says Court

Xixi (pseudonym) is a 23-year-old lesbian, offended by reality.

Do you know what the counterargument to “a man who sticks his penis into another man’s anus and uses it to masturbate and then ejaculates semen into the other man’s feces is suffering from mental illness” is?

The counterargument is “love is love.”

Obviously, this counterargument would also work for pedophiles and people who have sex with animals.

Please note that unlike the United States of America, China has a functioning court system, where people are able to petition grievances. (What are we going to war with them for again? It’s not to give them freedom anymore, there’s something new – I think to force them to become Moslems?)


Homosexuality can be classified as a “psychological disorder,” a Chinese court has ruled, upholding a decision in favor of a textbook publisher. It found only a ‘difference of opinion’ – not fact – between plaintiff and publisher.

The inclusion of homosexuality as a psychological disorder in a popular university textbook constitutes “not factual error but a divergent academic view,” the Suqian Intermediate People’s Court ruled last week. Located in the eastern province of Jiangsu, the court upheld a previous ruling handed down by the Suyu District People’s Court last year.

The plaintiff, Ou “Xixi” Jiayong, was disappointed with the decision, suggesting the court’s idea of what constituted a factual error as opposed to a difference in opinion was “random and baseless.” While she acknowledged she had maxed out all legal avenues, she hinted to SCMP that “there was still much more work to be done” and revealed she planned to work with others in the community to push the case further. “They didn’t even have a trial, they just handed down the judgment,” she complained.

The Chinese LGBT community also expressed disappointment with the ruling, accusing the courts and the textbook’s publisher of being out of touch with modern culture. Ah Qiang, spokesman for the Guangzhou chapter of the PFLAG support group for families and friends of LGBT youth, likened the ruling to a persistent declaration that the sun revolved around the earth. “The editor of the textbook apparently used viewpoints that do not match society’s perception of sexual minorities today,” he stated.

Xixi, who identifies as a lesbian, filed the suit back in 2017, four years after she came upon the Mental Health Education for College Students textbook during her university studies. She told the New York Times last year that she was “shocked” and “deeply stung” to come upon the inclusion of homosexuality under “common psychosexual disorders” in such a widely-used book.

Like cross-dressing and fetishism, the textbook claimed, homosexuality “was believed to be a disruption of love and sex or perversion of the sex partner.”

I’m sure this cute 23-year-old girl knows more about reality and how to organize a society than the men who run China.

She’s from Hong Kong by the way – educated in schools funded by the US State Department through the National Endowment for Democracy for this exact purpose. And she’s totally really for sure a real “lesbian” and not just trying to get all this media attention she’s already gotten. She literally prefers that a fat woman penetrate her with a dildo than a man inserting his penis in her vagina, because love is love.

China never should have legalized homosexuality at all. This is serving as a wedge issue for nationalists in Taiwan, who are trying to reunify, because the US government, which rules Taiwan, forced them to legalize anal marriage.