House Republican Bill Trying to Stop Biden’s Border Patrol from Cutting Razor Wire

Previously: Texas Cripple Vows to Keep Installing Useless Razor Wire That Border Patrol Will Remove

These scumbags are just going to keep talking about this pointless, useless razor wire, while the country continues to be flooded.

Joe Biden and Greg Abbott are like Laurel and Hardy, if Hardy was in a wheelchair because his legs didn’t work at all.

(Laurel and Hardy were a slapstick comedy duo, popular at the beginning of the “talkies” era of cinema. It’s a weird reference, but I believe a necessary one.)

New York Post:

Republican Rep. Mike Collins unveiled legislation Thursday that would prohibit the Biden administration from snipping razor wire and tearing down other barriers that Texas has erected near the southern border.

The Restricting Administration Zealots from Obliging Raiders (RAZOR) Act bans “removing or otherwise altering any state-constructed barriers installed to mitigate illegal immigration.”

Nigga put the word “Zealots” in the name of his bill in order to make his acronym work.


“President Biden is aiding and abetting illegal aliens who are swarming our border and raiding our country’s resources. Why else would he try to stop the state of Texas from turning them back to Mexico?” Collins (R-Ga.) said in a statement.

“With the Supreme Court siding with the America Last policies of the Biden administration, Congress must stand with Governor Greg Abbott as he fights for the sovereignty of his state and our nation.”

On Monday, the US Supreme Court vacated a lower court injunction barring the Biden administration from cutting concertina wire, also called barbed wire or razor wire, placed by Texas law enforcement officials while a lawsuit over the matter plays out.

Texas had sought to block the administration from removing the wire and had mounted a court challenge for months.

Biden officials argued in court that Border Patrol agents needed to be able to cut down the razor-sharp wire to deal with emergency medical situations.

After the decision, Abbott vowed to continue using the wire and indicated that the Lone Star State would not block the federal government from accessing sections of the US-Mexico border.


Texas agents have guns.

They could stop the feds from accessing the border.

“If the Supreme Court won’t allow states to defend their sovereignty and our nation, Congress has a moral imperative to act,” Collins added on X.

In a separate case, the Justice Department has sued Texas to remove a floating barrier in the Rio Grande. Last week, a federal appeals court vacated an earlier ruling, allowing the barrier to remain in place for now.

Oh yes, the balloons, lol.


Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.