China Says American Plane Approached Chinese Jet to Hoax Provocation

Previously: Chinese Fighter Jet Gets Within 10 Feet of US Air Force Plane in South China Sea

The US is now actively trying to provoke violent conflict with China.

It’s very unclear what the plan here is. Maybe they know the Ukraine is going down in 2023 and they want to pivot, or maybe they just want to do two wars at once.

Either way, it’s retarded and America is going to collapse because the people tolerate these people in charge.


Washington’s account of last week’s air incident over the South China Sea, involving a Chinese military jet and a US spy plane, disregards the truth and is “pure slander and hype,” the Defense Ministry in Beijing has said.

On Friday, the US Indo-Pacific Command claimed that a Chinese J-11 fighter approached a US Air Force RC-135 aircraft to within six meters, and that this “unsafe” move forced the American pilot to perform an evasive maneuver. It also published a video of the December 21 incident, showing the two aircraft flying close to each other.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tian Julin rejected the US accusations late on Saturday, claiming that, actually, it was the American plane that was carrying out “dangerous maneuvers.”

The US side intentionally misled the public, called black white, blamed [this] on China while [the US] itself is to be blamed and attempted to confuse international opinion,” he said.

The Chinese pilot performed professional and standard action in line with all laws and regulations, the spokesman insisted. But, despite multiple warnings, the US aircraft suddenly altered its flight stance, jeopardizing the Chinese jet’s flight safety, he added.

The Defense Ministry also published footage of the incident taken from the Chinese jet. According to China’s state-run Global Times paper, the clip “showed the US RC-135 intentionally altered its flight stance in a dangerous approach toward the Chinese aircraft.”

We sternly require the US to restrain the movements of its frontline maritime and aerial forces, strictly abide by related international laws and related agreements and prevent maritime and aerial accidents,” Tian said.

Who sees this and doesn’t think it’s an outrage?

The US goes across the entire plant and just harasses people.

The American people have yet to see any benefit from this adventurism. Instead we’ve gotten mass immigration and economic sabotage.

Frankly, we’d all be better off if the Russians and the Chinese were in charge. We don’t have any impact on our current alien elite anyway.