UK: Survey Claims Support for Getting Invaded by Brown People Reached New Record

I think we need to credit “loose Ukrainian refugee women who have not yet properly calibrated their sexual marketplace value in a country with an obesity epidemic” for this.

Or it’s just a totally fake poll.

The Guardian:

A majority of the British public now hold positive views about the impact of immigration on the UK, despite intense political rhetoric surrounding the issue, according to an academic survey.

The European Social Survey, which has sampled attitudes every two years since 2001, said British views on immigration and its economic and cultural impact had undergone “a complete about-turn” over the past two decades, becoming significantly more favourable after 2016.

This is a legit survey, which is sort of serious.

That doesn’t mean they’re not lying, I just thought I should note that I’m aware of this survey and it’s considered legit.

The survey asked people to rank out of 10 whether immigration was bad or good for the economy, whether cultural life was undermined or enriched, and whether it made the country a better or worse place to live, with 10 being the most positive.

The latest poll, for 2022, shows that for the first time a majority of respondents thought immigration was very positive for the UK economy (59% ranking between seven and 10), enriched the country’s cultural life (58%), and made the country a better place to live (56%).

The Guardian thinks adding this picture to the article helps their cause. (The photo also speaks to the opening joke, which is not even a joke – the orange-haired woman in the center is probably 26. 26-year-old Ukraine refugee women look quite a bit different than that.)

In 2002 just 17% were very positive about the economic benefits, 33% thought it was culturally enriching, and 20% thought it made the UK a better place to live (2016: 44%, 46% and 39%).


You can apparently just force things on people against their will and bombard them with psychological propaganda until they accept it.

It’s unfortunate that this works, but it does appear to work.

Although the government has pledged to reduce immigration, and MPs regularly claim curbing the net inflow of migrants is a critical issue for UK voters, the survey suggests public attitudes have evolved significantly in recent years and are far more positive than politicians assume.

“It seems like the issue of immigration is likely to remain on the front pages for some time and could well become a key battleground at the next general election,” said Alun Humphrey, of the National Centre for Social Research, who helped coordinate the survey. “However, it is clear people in Britain have become much more positive in their attitudes to immigration and on balance now see it in a positive light.”

Aside from the Ukraine sluts thing, what could possibly be positive about it?

It’s a living nightmare.

It’s worth it