Chuck Schumer Says Jews Feel Abandoned Amid Spike in Opposition to Murdering Babies

Jews are far and above the most powerful people in America. They are the absolute ruling class.

And yet somehow, one of the most powerful Jews in the government has the nerve to get up in front of the government and whine that he’s a victim, that the Jews are victims of the people who they rule over.

Enough is enough.

The Jews are murderers and psychopaths and they do not have a right to control other people’s countries.

They have to leave America.

New York Post:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sounded the alarm Wednesday over a “spike in antisemitism” that he said was fueled by pro-Hamas “dogwhistles” at protests denouncing Israel — as a Jewish teacher forced to hide last week from a mob in her Queens school looked on from the gallery.

In an emotional, 40-minute admonition, Schumer (D-NY) blasted fellow Democrats and news outlets for their response to Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre of about 1,200 people across southern Israel and the Jewish state’s subsequent invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Jewish Americans feel alone to face all of this — abandoned by too many of our friends and allies in our greatest time of need, as antisemitic hate crimes skyrocket across the country,” said Schumer, who also published a New York Times op-ed Wednesday in which he called antisemitism a “five-alarm fire.”

The 73-year-old Schumer, the most powerful Democrat in Congress and the highest-ranking Jew in US politics, recounted the murder of his great-grandmother and extended family in Ukraine by the Nazis in 1941, and likened Adolf Hitler’s slogans to those used in modern-day protests.

Well, if across generations, people use the same slogans against you, maybe you need to look in the mirror, huh?

“While many protesters no doubt view their actions as a compassionate expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people, for many Jewish Americans, we feel in too many instances some of the most extreme rhetoric gives license to darker ideas that have always lurked below the surface of every question involving Jewish people,” he said.

“Antisemites have always trafficked in coded language and action to define Jewish people as unworthy of the rights and privileges afforded to other groups.”

Schumer later asked: “Can you understand why the Jewish people isolated when we hear some praise Hamas and chant its vicious slogan? Can you blame us for feeling vulnerable, over 80 years after Hitler wiped out half the Jewish population across the world?

Oh, shut up, kike.

The Hitler thing is over.

Firstly, that did not happen. We have the census records. Half the Jewish population did not die, and there were more Jews alive after the war than before.

Secondly, Hitler should have killed those Jews. If he had, we wouldn’t be dealing with these problems.

A lot of Palestinian babies would still be alive if Hitler had wiped out the Jews.

Schumer said it was important to condemn antisemitism because social sentiments historically have shifted swiftly in other countries.


We’re looking at a very swift shift right now, in fact.


“Growing up, I remember my grandfather telling me that he rooted for Germany over Russia in World War I because Germans treated the Jewish people so much better than Russia did.

“When the Nazis first marched in the streets and held rallies decrying the so-called ‘international financiers,’ ‘war profiteers,’ ‘Communists,’ many Germans of goodwill either stayed silent or marched alongside of them, not necessarily realizing what they were aiding and abetting,” the senator recalled.

“But when Adolf Hitler took the podium just a few years later at the Reichstag, it was clear by then that the terms ‘international financiers,’ ‘war profiteers,’ ‘Communists’ represented the Jewish people.”

Yeah, because all those people were literally Jewish.

He added: “Obviously, many of those marching here in the US do not have any evil intent. But when Jewish people hear chants like ‘From the river to the sea,’ a founding slogan of Hamas, a terrorist group that is not shy about their goal to eradicate the Jewish people in Israel and around the globe, we are alarmed.

“When we see signs in the crowd that read ‘By any means necessary’ after the most violent attack ever against Israeli civilians, we are appalled at the casual invocation of such savagery. When we see protesters at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade compare the genocide of the Holocaust equivalently to the Israeli army’s action to defeat Hamas in self-defense of their people, we are shocked.

“And when we see many people in news organizations remain neutral about the basic absurdity of these claims and actions, we are deeply disappointed. More than anything, we’re worried — quite naturally, given the twists and turns of history — about where these actions and sentiments could eventually lead.”

Yes, Jew.

I would say now would be a good time to start to worry.

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