Israel Ready to Flood Hamas Tunnels But May Wait a Bit to Kill More Babies

We said from the beginning the only thing they could do to win is flood the tunnels, or spend months or years trying to starve out Hamas.

If flooding the tunnels was always an option, what does it say that they’ve spent months killing random kids?

New York Post:

Israel is considering flooding Hamas’ underground network of tunnels in Gaza with ocean water as part of its plan to completely decimate the terrorist group that rules over the Palestinian territory, according to a report.

The Israel Defense Forces assembled at least five pumps that could be used to draw water from the Mediterranean Sea to then flush out the tunnels within a matter of weeks, US officials told the Wall Street Journal.

The military completed the system, built about one mile north of the Al-Shati refugee camp, around the middle of last month, according to the paper. Each pump has the power to move thousands of cubic meters of water per hour into at least 800 tunnels used by Hamas to move through Gaza without detection.

Israel hasn’t decided on whether to deploy the pumps, which could threaten Gaza’s already scarce water supply and infrastructure, the officials said. It’s also unclear if the Jewish nation would flood the tunnels before the release or rescue of the remaining Israeli hostages who are likely being held in the underground paths.

US officials who spoke to WSJ said they didn’t know how close Israel was to a decision, but noted it hasn’t ruled it out.

Flooding the tunnels would kill all the hostages, of course.

Who knows what that implies. Bibi doesn’t care, and he’s in charge.