CNN Analysis: What Israel Does to Palestinians Endangers Jews Around the World

It’s true and it’s obvious, but no one with the last name “Collinson” would understand.

At least, unless they read the Daily Stormer, but only intelligent people read the Daily Stormer, and intelligent people are not allowed to write columns for CNN.

Here’s the thing: Jews thrive on persecution.

Therefore, none of them have a strong urge to resist Israel setting the stage for a global pogrom.

Stephen Collinson writes for CNN:

History is flashing warnings to the world.

Outbursts of antisemitism have often been harbingers of societies in deep trouble and omens that extremism and violence are imminent.

So the wave of global hatred directed against Jews – intensified by Israel’s indiscriminate response in Gaza to horrific Hamas terrorist murders of Israeli civilians on October 7 – should not just be seen as a reaction to the Middle East yet again slumping into war.

Recent antisemitism is also a reflection of destructive forces tearing at American and western European societies, where stability and democracy are already under pressure.

The Hamas attacks – a pogrom against Jews that killed 1,400, mostly civilians – have initiated a sequence of events that have left Jewish people around the world feeling threatened. And now that the Israeli government has sought retribution through air strikes and operations in Gaza targeting Hamas, the scenes of carnage in Palestinian communities threaten to further drain public sympathy for Israel abroad and, in some cases, contribute to an atmosphere that risks worsening harassment of Jewish people.

Jewish day schools have canceled classes. Synagogues have been locked. Social media has pulsated with hatred against Jews, leaving a community that can never escape its historic trauma yet again wondering where and when it can ever be safe.

Israel rejects the idea that its action in Gaza is indiscriminate, saying that unlike Hamas in its terror attack, it does not seek to target civilians and it blames the militant group for embedding its military infrastructure in highly populated areas in Gaza. Still, its military strikes have caused large numbers of civilian casualties, and the Gazans it has advised to evacuate have nowhere to go in a territory facing a humanitarian catastrophe amid shortages of water, medical care and food. The question of Israeli tactics arose again Tuesday after an Israel Defense Forces attack caused a massive blast at the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza, leaving many casualties, officials on both sides said.

In an ideal world, criticism of Israel’s military response would center only on its government and not rebound against Jews around the world – many of whom oppose the country’s hardline government.

But in practice, antisemitism could grow more pervasive in the coming weeks.


Try “decades” and “centuries.”

It really doesn’t seem to have set in just how unprecedented recent Jew actions actually are.

In all of human history, no one has done anything remotely similar to this.

The closest thing I can think of is the Rwandan genocide – however, in that case, they were using machetes, and a man could pick up a machete and fight.

You can’t fight an American smart bomb dropped on your hospital, church, or refugee camp.

The Jews are intolerable.

They must be made to pay for what they’ve done, and they must be made to pay collectively.

The Palestinians are being collectively punished, and turnabout is fair play.

Them’s the rules.