Coach Red Pill Finally Dies in the Ukraine

Coach Red Pill AKA Gonzalo Lira, a US citizen, pick-up artist, and citizen journalist, has been confirmed dead in a Ukraine gulag, apparently due to a lack of medical care. He was arrested for illegal speech against the Zelensky regime, which he had posted regularly to Twitter.

He had been previously arrested, and was out on bail, and was arrested again when he attempted to cross the Hungarian border, where he said he would claim asylum. The prison he was sent to refused to give him proper medical care, presumably for injuries sustained during the routine torture.

The GrayZone has a story outlining the details of his death. It was, for all intents and purposes, a murder.

After reports by the Coach’s family, the State Department confirmed he was dead.

There is a lot of things you could say about this situation, but the first and foremost important thing to note is that it is completely insane that the Biden Administration allowed the Ukraine to indefinitely detain a US citizen on charges of disagreeing with the government of the Ukraine. The death could have easily been prevented by one phone call from the State Department. In fact, a two-sentence email would have done it.

The Biden Administration was aware that a US citizen was being held in the Ukraine and tortured, and they made the active decision to allow the Kiev government, which is totally funded and supported by the US, to do this.

The question then is: why wouldn’t the US do this to people in the US? This is a US citizen in a country that is not only an ally, but a country that only exists because of US taxpayer subsidies. It is not, by any stretch, a “sovereign nation,” given that it is entirely beholden to the United States for its basic existence.

In any normal circumstances, the Ukraine would simply assume that a US citizen journalist couldn’t simply be imprisoned and tortured. That is to say: there is a 100% chance that the Kiev government asked the US government what they should do with this guy, and the US government told them to lock him up in a gulag.

This means that the US government does not protect their citizens.

Controversy About the Original Thing

There is some controversy about the original situation which led to Coach Red Pill ending up in a Ukraine prison in the first place.

He had been living in the country, having married a local girl, when the war broke out. He went viral with some commentary on the war, which was all very anti-Zelensky and pro-Russia. He was regularly cited by the Russian media, although there is no evidence that he had any connection to the Russian government.

The thing is: he was not doing war reporting, in the sense of being out on the streets filming what was happening in the country. All of his videos were recorded in front of a webcam in his apartment in Kharkov.

I said from the beginning that there was zero reason he couldn’t be making those videos somewhere else. He had already sent his family out of the country, so he had no reason to stay there. If he wanted to be doing something hardcore, he could have been on the Russian side of the line, in Donetsk, reporting from there. Instead, he stayed in Kharkov, making these videos which are explicitly banned under Ukraine law (all criticism of the government is banned under Ukraine law), until they eventually arrested him and charged him under their speech crimes laws.

It is almost like he wanted to die.

This is further supported by what he said in his last video, before attempting to cross the Hungarian border.

In the video he claimed, without any evidence at all, that any EU country would deport him back to the Ukraine if he fled there, and his only hope was claiming asylum in Hungary, which is obviously less supportive of the Ukraine. This is obviously absurd, on its face. No EU country is going to deport a US citizen to the Ukraine to be imprisoned for speech crimes.

Tens of thousands of men who didn’t want to get force-conscripted into Zelensky’s Meat Grinder have been smuggled across the Polish border, allegedly for as little as $1,500. If he was actually worried about the Polish authorities arresting him and deporting him to Kiev, he could have gone directly to the US embassy before anyone knew he was even there. The embassy is US soil, and he has to be allowed in, and there is no way in hell the US is going to deport a citizen to the Ukraine to face speech crimes charges. Even with things as absurd as they are right now, that is not possible.

Further, he could have been smuggled into Hungary. Even if he was caught by the Hungarian authorities, he has said he wanted to declare asylum, which means he’d be at their mercy regardless.

Aside from all of that – there is still a US embassy in Kiev. He could have just went there. There are procedures, and even if the State Department wanted him dead, after he was on US soil, having him sent back to the Ukraine is simply not possible. That would be too big of a scandal, and the embassy doesn’t even have a procedure for doing it. There would have to be an arduous extradition process once he was in the embassy.

I understand it’s morbid to talk about this man having a death wish after he is already dead. And I also felt for him in the video above, where he asked people to remember him and fight for his martyrdom. We absolutely should do that. This is an atrocity. Nonetheless, I am required by conscience to be honest about this situation, and to explain that none of it was really very logical on Coach’s part.

There is honor in martyrdom. It is the greatest honor to die fighting for the truth and for justice. But there is nothing particularly noble about recklessness. You only get one life, and you should make it count.

The US Supports Terrorist Regimes Everywhere Because the US is a Terrorist Regime

Coach’s apparent death wish is not relevant to the fact of what happened here, which was utterly brutal.

This situation where the US claims to not only be very moral, but to be the global decider of all morality, while also supporting all of these criminal and terrorist states like the Ukraine, Israel, and Germany, is intolerable.

The United States is responsible for half a million deaths in the Ukraine, maybe more. Probably more. They are responsible for likely 30,000 deaths in Gaza. If you didn’t understand the plan behind all of this, you would think that the US goes around the world finding the most evil people on the planet and giving them their support.

If the US acted on brutal pragmatism, and viewed everything in terms of positive outcomes for its own national interests, that would be one thing. You could criticize a totally amoral and violent quest for power in the interests of the nation. But that is not what this is. “US strategic objectives” do not benefit the American people or even the US state.

There is an external narrative about US interests, but it doesn’t make any sense, and it is hardly ever even explained anymore. The US interests in the Ukraine border skirmish were extremely convoluted, and instead it was this hyper-emotional narrative about the sacred nature of the Ukraine’s 1991 borders. It was marketed to women and reddit as this romantic struggle for freedom or whatever. We’ve been through all of that a million times. People understand the marketing. There were sometimes claims that if Russia took the Donbass, they would march to Berlin or something, but they wouldn’t explain why that didn’t happen when Russia took Chechnya, parts of Georgia, or Crimea. They didn’t explain how this Russia-Ukraine dispute was different from the Azerbaijan-Armenia dispute. They just spewed a bunch of emotional gibberish.

However, now you have this Israel situation, and it’s even worse. There is not only no explanation as to how supporting Israel benefits America, there is not even a moralizing emotional argument. Israel is slaughtering children, and the US is giving “unconditional support.” Insofar as people are asking why this is happening, the government is not giving an answer.  It’s just “yeah, we’re doing this, okay?”

Meanwhile, the media continues to talk about how evil Russia is because they don’t allow homosexuals to touch little boys, and continue on with this claim that China is doing a secret invisible genocide against Uyghur terrorists.

It cannot be stressed enough just how silly this all is. It doesn’t feel like real life. It doesn’t even feel like satire, but rather, absurdism.

But take heed, brothers.

If something can’t go on forever, then at some point it ends. And this thing that is going on now cannot go on forever. It will end.

The sky will open, and the sun will shine through and incinerate this empire of lies.

As long as we remember Elvis, America is still alive, and we will abide.

If we remember Elvis, we remember America when it was beautiful, just, and righteous.

If we remember Elvis, we can bring it all back home again.