Panama: 41-Year-Old Ex-Football Player Dies Suddenly of Suspected Heart Attack


There’s an old adage that you need to remember before you exert yourself doing athletic activities: “if you’re vaxed, just relax.”

If you took that shot, man, nothing good can come from playing sports.

You will die.


Former Panama striker Luis “Matador” Tejada, who won more than 100 caps for his country, died on Sunday at the age of 41, the Panamanian Football Federation (FEPAFUT) has said.

Tejada was playing in a veterans game on the outskirts of Panama City before he collapsed and was taken to a clinic for medical attention where he was pronounced dead, local media said.

Panama is one of the most vaxed countries in the region, and unlike most of its neighbors, they went with Pfizer and AstraZeneca instead of the Chinese vax

FEPAFUT paid tribute to Tejada, who played a key role in helping Panama qualify for their first World Cup in 2018.

Tejada played 108 games for the national team and is their top-scorer with 43 goals.

Maybe it’s not worth avoiding sports if you’re vaxed.

If you don’t die from a heart attack, you’re going to get some strange fast-moving super-cancer. The latter is a much worse death, no?

Maybe just play sports, have a heart attack, and get it over with.

You were a dead man walking as soon as you took that shot, retard.

He was pretty good at kicking the ball