Colored Boy Complains That White House Uses TikTokers as “Pawns” to Push Ukraine Narrative

All the world is a stage.

And TikTok influencers are but pawns in the war against Russia.

But one young colored boy is not going along with the program.


TikTok celebrity and self-described “Gen Z Historian” Khalil Greene has criticized his fellow influencers for telling their fans “verbatim” what the Biden administration wanted them to say on the Ukraine conflict. Greene said that he understands why conservatives said that the young influencers were “used as pawns by the White House.”

Greene was one of 30 social media creators invited to a video conference by the White House last month, during which Press Secretary Jen Psaki laid out the US’ policy on Ukraine and Russia, so that the message could then be spread to their millions of followers. The White House’s director of digital strategy, Rob Flaherty, said that the virtual briefing was “critically important” to make sure that the influencers got “the latest information from an authoritative source.”

“Gen Z Historian” AKA the New Thomas Sowell

However, Greene told Newsweek that he was left unimpressed. He said this week that Psaki started out by describing Russia’s offensive against Ukraine as “the biggest invasion since World War Two,” and explained that the conflict would have “global consequences that will affect everyone in the United States.”

“I feel like had they stopped there, I would have appreciated it more,” Greene told the news outlet. “But then they started to add more to the answer that made me more skeptical and more uneasy. There were a few red herrings that made it seem like giving more attention and support to other crises was beyond their capacity. There was also a general lack of acknowledgement of the US government’s role in perpetuating other geopolitical issues.”

Greene, who typically posts videos about black history and activism in the US, said that he presented the information Psaki gave him “as what the White House would say,” rather than his own opinion.

Other content creators did not. Eighteen-year-old Ellie Zeiler, who has 10.5 million followers, said after the briefing that her role was to “relay the information in a more digestible manner to my followers.” She then told her followers that Russian Vladimir Putin had caused record high gas prices in the US, a line that the Biden administration has attempted to push despite the fact that gas prices have been climbing since Biden took office more than a year ago.

Remember when they told you that the Hitler Youth groups were really bad because they were too young to know any better?

Now they are telling you that an 18-year-old plastic surgery slut who makes sexy dance videos for a living is an expert on economics and border conflict in the former USSR.

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But it’s cool.

I respect the White House for ruthlessly exploiting the population for their own gain.

After all, the masses are literal goyim who will believe some Jewish slut shaking her tits over common sense, logic, documentation, and their own eyes.

I can picture Jake Sullivan and Ned Price listening to 50 Cent’s “Toy Soldiers” and saying “these TikTok influencers are our toy soldiers.”

I don’t think Jake or Ned is really smart enough to play RimWorld and know the true meaning of “pawns.”