Conor McGregor Declaring Himself King of Ireland is a Matter of Historical Necessity

Although I do not support it, and I am not promoting it, it has become clear to me that it is a matter of historical necessity that Conor McGregor seize control of Ireland and declare himself King Conor I of Ireland. I also think he should probably give himself the title “Protector of Ulster,” however, this may be too close to provoking a war with the British.

Ultimately, it is clear that so-called “Northern Ireland” needs to be forcibly ethnically cleansed, but the first ethnic cleansing needs to be the cleansing of brown people from the current borders of Ireland.

As I have said, Conor’s ability to do this is not a question of “if.” There is zero chance that the government would not surrender before he and his lads reached parliament. You would see helicopters full of cash fleeing the capitol like a flock of migratory birds, just as you saw with the Taliban move on Kabul. More or less, Conor marching on Dublin would be identical to the Taliban march on Kabul. All of the men with guns who are paid to protect the current false government of Ireland would lay down their weapons, and kneel to the rightful ruler.

I can’t imagine a single shot would be fired, unless the lads tried to storm the capitol before giving the current government time to flee, in which case, personal bodyguards of the faggots in control might fire shots. I think Conor should put the word out that the current government has six hours to flee the country or surrender, and kneel to the King, swearing fealty. Conor should maintain control of the lads, and keep them from rushing in and lynching the current traitor government. As appealing as that may be, it is simply much better if this does not happen. Lynching scenes posted all over social media only create problems. We want the conquest to be peaceful, or as peaceful as possible, and to demonstrate that the situation is simply that the newly established monarchy has overwhelming popular support, to the point where violence is totally unnecessary.

Having spoken to multiple people who are experts on the situation of the Irish economy being entirely based on its status as an international tax haven, I can say absolutely, the economy will completely collapse under sanctions. It is possible that certain of these corporations will want to keep the tax scam going, and will put pressure on the United States government not to sanction the country, but I do not think these efforts would be successful. Conor should therefore order, on the day of the revolution, for everyone in the country to max out their credit cards, and obtain as much cash as possible. He should also, during the chaos, attempt to turn the country’s reserves into Bitcoin, if that is possible. I don’t know if that is possible, but insofar as he has control of the national treasury, he should order it to convert all dollar (or pound) holdings into Bitcoin as much as they are able to do so. As we saw with Russia, the dollar reserves, which are mostly digital, can simply be turned off. But the sanctions system takes a few days, so if he can turn some of them into Bitcoin, that is ideal.

What’s more: the removal of the immigrants will end the housing crisis, and of course, the material wealth of the immigrants should all be forfeit, beyond what they are able to carry on their person as they are marched to the Northern Ireland border.

You see, I have figured out the immigrant deportation issue: they should be deported to the UK, across the Northern Ireland border. This is very simply accomplished, and removes the logistical problems of trying to put them on boats. Obviously, the UK doesn’t want a flood of their greatest strength, but they will be obligated to take them.

The border with Northern Ireland should be totally militarized immediately, and concentration camps should be set up along the militarized border for the immigrants preparing to cross into the UK. Give them sanitary conditions and so on, give them food, but contain them in the camps and move them across the border. Tell London that if they don’t accept the brown folks being moved across the land border, they will be loaded onto boats and dumped on the shores of England.

Sending them to England makes a lot more sense than some lunatic plan to repatriate them, and England loves Nigerians and Pakistanis, so there should be no problem.

King Conor I will of course demand that every country recognize the legitimacy of his reign, and the lines will fall along the same lines as the Ukraine war, within 24 hours. Putin and Xi will immediately declare it a “democratic revolution,” and all of their allies/satellites will do the same. US/NATO isn’t going to invade anyway, they have way too many problems to even think about that, but it’s unlikely there will even be a security council resolution. Somebody is going to die, I think it’s safe to say, and there will be all sorts of atrocity propaganda, but this just really doesn’t mean anything.

When the immigrants are moved out, the housing crisis will end, and the people will be able to keep their computers and cellphones and appliances and whatever else they got from the ill-gotten gains of serving as a tax haven for global Satan. So there will be things to dull the blow of an economic collapse.

But regardless, the economy definitely will collapse, and that needs to be considered. When sanctions come, all of the wealth that Ireland got from this scam their government pulled will just immediately disappear, like, “poof.” The Irish economy is completely fake. It actually makes me sick when I hear kinfolk speaking of “we pulled ourselves out of poverty” as if it is something to be proud of. Ireland didn’t start manufacturing microprocessors or something, they ran a scam which should violate international law, and actually does on some level, allowing all of these foreign (mostly American) multinational corporations to establish headquarters there, then they got the tax money and the corporations were forced to invest. That’s why they’re not living in poverty anymore, and it’s also why they have gay marriage, abortion, and mass immigration.

I also want to redact my claim that the Vatican will try to interfere. I think the “Pope” will make some noises, and maybe a few priests will try to be subversive, but in general, when Conor I decrees an immediate end to gay marriage and a closing of all of the abortion factories (and the arrest of the staff of these factories, who are murderers, whether it was “legal” when they were committing the murders or not), the majority of the priests are going to back him. Having thought this through further, I don’t think the Vatican has any interest in trying to make power plays here, as they have their own problems, and if “Francis” – or rather, his backers (he’s a Biden type vegetable at this point) – push this issue, it creates more problems for him he doesn’t want. Making moves to try to depose the King of Ireland will necessarily mean trying to reestablish divorce, gay marriage, and abortion, which is just going to look very bad.

One thing I feel very strongly about is that Conor I should go all out with the regalia. He should not wear a modern “leisure suit,” as monarchs have taken to doing, but should wear a crown and robes.

These AI images I keep making of my plan (it’s not actually my plan, it’s “historical necessity” – I don’t even support this) show him with his chest exposed, and the tattoo has become so iconic, and that this may make sense, initially.

But he needs the crown, he needs the cape, he needs a throne, he needs to be surrounded by Christian symbols, clergymen, soldiers, old IRA men with beards, and there needs to be traditional music. This needs to be “The Return of the Old Irish.” Things should obviously be totally Catholic, but he should also probably give himself titles based on the Ulster Cycle, claiming to be descended from Cú Chulainn and so on.

Obviously, foreign television will need to be turned off, replaced with nonstop jingoistic propaganda. I would also shut off Facebook and Twitter. Just have it show “Blocked by Royal Decree” when people try to visit the site. Other than that – just leave the internet open. Definitely don’t block Steam.

The initial speeches should focus on the grievances of young men, as this is who he needs. It doesn’t matter what women think, because they have no physical power. Virtually 100% of old people will support him, regardless, because they will feel their pride returning like wild horses riding down from Heaven.

There could also be a speech calling home the diaspora to serve the Motherland, though that would probably come much later, as the field Irish tend to despise the diaspora, but this could potentially inject some serious cash, or at least economic ingenuity. We should consider the power of the emotion that is going to be evoked by the return of a real, true King to the realm of men. We haven’t had one in a very long time, and the knees of every man seek to bend to a King, for this is the way God created us.

I am willing to write these speeches, of course. Although I do not support this plan, and I am not encouraging it, I will fly in on day one, if I am summoned, and if the whole thing falls apart in a couple weeks, then there is nothing on this earth that would make me prouder than to be executed alongside my King.

In terms of the whole thing just falling apart, I don’t think a counter revolution is any threat at all, because who could do it? The IRA, insofar as they are still a force, is going to support Conor I, fully, because we are going to declare it as state policy that Ulster will be returned to the Irish people (while NOT outright declaring war – that would not be smart at all, for one thing, we need British cooperation with the immigrant removal – the current treaties will be declared “under review”).

I think if Conor I’s reign made it a month, it would hold indefinitely. It’s similar again to the Taliban taking Kabul, or to the Russian sanctions management – in both of these situations, you had about a month of serious risk, and then it was stable. Mostly, this relates to the masses of people simply adjusting to it and accepting it, because the leaders prove that they can handle the situation and keep the peace, keep people housed, clothed, and fed.

Because none of us should ever forget: all power comes from the masses of people. There is no other form of power on the earth, and there never will be. All governments necessarily serve at the fancy of the people, because there are always more of us than there are of them. That is the entire principle which supports the premise that Conor could seize power.

The Best Time for Conor to March was Last Week

The Middle East is about to explode into a massive war, the Ukrainian war is collapsing because the West lost (badly), China is about to stop fucking around with these faggots, Venezuela is annexing Guyana.

Right now is the time to make a move, on the back of this immigrant stabbing and these riots. There has never been a better time, and there might never be a better time in the future.

I want to stress again that I do not support any of this. However, I believe it needs to happen.

I have a lot more thoughts on this, though I won’t share them yet, because although it probably won’t happen, there is a nonzero chance that this will actually happen, and that I will be summoned by My King to serve my Motherland.

What I will tell you: everything is lined up perfectly, the most perfect thing being that Conor, a warrior, is probably one of the only people on earth who would have the balls to do it, and he also happens to be one of the only people (in any country) in a position to do it.

Although I don’t know it for a fact, I assume this material, or at least the idea, is getting to Conor, and the most important thing I want to impart is that Jesus and His Holy Mother are on your side. When you abolish the gays, and send in the military to shut down the abortion clinics, you will receive a blessing that makes you closer to God than any man on earth currently is. This is a very real power, which you will use.

God save the King.

God save Ireland.