“Conservative” Supreme Court Says Brandon Can Cut Border Wire Installed by Crippled Snake

The snake cripple Greg Abbott, Chief Legless Snake of Texas, has installed totally useless razor wire on the border, ostensibly to prevent Mexicans from crossing into America.

In fact, these people would very easily walk around or under the razor wire, and it didn’t do anything at all.

However, it was important to the Biden Administration to get a court ruling saying they can just remove it all. And of course, the very conservative SCOTUS said “oh yeah, tear that shit out – let the rats scurry unimpeded!”

The Guardian:

The Biden administration is allowed to cut the razor wire deployed by Texas at the border with Mexico, the US supreme court ruled on Monday.

The concertina wire, deployed at the direction of the Republican Texas governor, Greg Abbott, runs roughly 30 miles (48km) along the Rio Grande river, near the border city of Eagle Pass. It is part of Abbott’s broader fight with the Biden administration over immigration enforcement and what he calls “Biden’s reckless open-border policies”.

It has also become a symbol of America’s broader political fight over the control of the nation’s border with many Republicans hailing it as tough, but necessary policy, and many Democrats decrying it as inhumane and cruel.

There you go. It’s a “symbol.”

It’s not tough and it’s not really necessary, because there is no evidence it prevented a single invader from entering, but it was symbolic of like “well, we don’t like this very much…!”

Biden said there can be no such symbols.

Border security and immigration officially fall under the purview of the federal government, as decided in the 2012 supreme court case, Arizona v United States. The court held that federal immigration law preempted Arizona’s immigration laws.

In a narrow 5-4 vote, the supreme court has now granted an emergency appeal from the Biden administration.

The ruling now means the lone star state must comply with the Biden administration and allow federal authorities access to the border, contrary to recent actions taken by state.

Texas officials have argued that federal agents cut the wire to help groups crossing illegally through the river before taking them in for processing. A federal appeals court last month forced federal agents to stop cutting the concertina wire.

It’s whatever.

It doesn’t really matter.

Greg Abbott is just a helper of the Bidens. He helps get these people in the country, then sends them deeper into the country.

Then he goes on TV in his pathetic little wheelchair he uses because his legs don’t work and says “oh no, I’m not doing that.”