Japan: 1 in 10 Residents Now Aged 80+ as Gay Pedophile Nation Works Itself to Extinction

Remember that Futurama episode where they ban Lucy Liu sex bots because everyone just stays home with their Lucy Liu sexbot and the species goes extinct?

It’s literally exactly like that with the nips and their pedophile cartoons.


More than 10% of Japan’s population is now age 80 or older, the government said Monday, the latest worrying milestone in the rapidly graying country’s demographic crisis.

According to figures released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the proportion of Japan’s elderly, defined as age 65 and above, is also at a record high, comprising 29.1% of the population – the highest rate in the world.

The ministry released the figures to mark Respect for the Aged Day, a public holiday in the country, which also faces a plummeting birth rate and shrinking workforce that could impact funding for pensions and health care as demand from the aging population surges.

To cope with the growing labor shortage and in the hopes of reinvigorating a stalling economy, the Japanese government has encouraged more seniors and stay-at-home mothers to re-enter the workforce in the past decade.

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